Mojo Bicycle Cafe Parklet Plus Newly-Widened Median on Divisadero Equals No Room for Cyclists – Take a Look

Aren’t the sidewalks of Divisadero too wide already? Yes.

And then they widened the useless median strip a few years back.

And then the Mojo Bicycle Cafe put in a parklet.

And then they put overhanging shrubbery that takes up the space where your head is supposed to go.


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Oh well.


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16 Responses to “Mojo Bicycle Cafe Parklet Plus Newly-Widened Median on Divisadero Equals No Room for Cyclists – Take a Look”

  1. Alai says:

    Answer: take the lane. Not really a problem. Yes, it’s not for the 8-80 crowd, but then it wouldn’t have been without the parklet anyway, so it’s a moot point.

  2. David Baker says:

    How is the Parklet different from a car parked there? It’s not. Your point has a critical structural flaw.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually, the answer was to split lanes, so you go betwixt traffic lanes and that’s how you get around the traffic. Without the overly large parket and shrubbery, you’d just pass by that cafe without noticing or being affected by it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The difference is that the parklet is sticks out more than a car. Why is that?

  5. John Murphy says:

    There is no such thing as a sidewalk that is too wide.

  6. Alai says:

    Not saying it’s an ideal situation. But the difference is marginal. It’s stupid for people who want to improve cycling to be fighting with their natural allies (non-car based street users) over scraps. Focus.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My focus here is on Cafe Mojo’s overly wide $20,000 parklet and its overhanging shrubbery. That, combined with the newish, overly-wide and useless median is causing a problem, IMO.

    The whole point of DivCo is to favor property owners/biz owners over street users, I think

  8. John Murphy says:

    The whole point of DivCo is to favor property owners/biz owners over people driving cars, I think


  9. sfcitizen says:

    And yet the parklet sticks out into and impedes traffic.

    You live there and there (and there?) and yet you work there? How many counties does that add up to? Little wonder you’re such a frustrated traveler…

  10. mikesonn says:

    You shouldn’t be riding that close to parked cars anyway. I don’t see the point of this post.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The point of this post is that the Mojo parklet sticks out into traffic and blocks traffic.

    I’m supposed to either be going 35 MPH like your buddy Chris Bucchere or I’m supposed to “take the lane” and get behind a bus and sit in traffic for minutes on end? I’d prefer two cars parked there if Mojo doesn’t know how to operate its parklet.

    Speaking of which, do you have any criticism of Bucchere vis a vis safety or is it only me what gets the lecture?

  12. Rob Anderson says:

    You made the mistake of criticizing a parklet, Jim, which is why Sonn and Murph commented. Parklets are part of the city’s anti-car, pro-bike movement, and you’re supposed to support all uses of city streets except motor vehicles.

  13. whatup says:

    And you will never find any criticism of the pedestrian killer Chris Bucchere here or on any pro bike blogs. They are embarrassed to talk about his wreckless behavior. And murph and sonn are always in bed together, at least figuratively, on the bike vs. car issue. always the same bullshit.

    If they don’t like the parklet in the way of their precious route, then they can just take a different street. pretty easy,huh?


    Divisadero sidewalks are “too wide”?

  15. sfcitizen says:

    Yep. too wide. And the slow lanes are too narrow. Why not lets take out the useless median?

  16. Tiny Tim says:

    No–few sidewalks in SF are too wide. With greater densities of people and retail occurring in many City neighborhoods, encroachment of sidewalk space is increasing. There’s a tree or pole with a bike shackled to it; right opposite, a legal outdoor cafe/restaurant table, with the chairs pushed out to accommodate diners. Then there’s the usual 4 abreast strollers and you’re coming from the other direction. Solution? Walk in the bed of a tree, risking spraining your ankle; walk in the street, where there may be a bike lane or cars–or barrel through? Oh, did I forget a circle of smokers in the same spot?
    I’d say pedestrians in their own neighborhoods often lose out to the almighty businessman who’s catering to destination-seekers from across town.
    Solution to the parklet issue? Put them in the medians–might as well breathe in the exhaust from both directions. And turn the parking meters into bike poles. If the cafe is for locals they can walk/pedal; no need to drive.

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