Is the America’s Cup Actually “the World’s Third-Largest Sporting Competition?” No – Why Does Mayor Ed Lee Lie to Us?

I understand that Mayor Ed Lee has a cheerleading function as a part of his job. Fine.

But what’s this? What the Hell?

“We expect to have some 500,000 people on a daily basis…” 

Take a look on the YouTube, at around 9:30 and, mind you, this is AFTER everything blew up and people started realizing that the 2013 America’s Cup won’t be anywhere near as popular as advertised:

So, does Ed Lee actually believe that there’s a chance that the America’s Cup will attract anything close to a half million people “on a daily basis?”

No he does not.

So why does he say it?


Now, speaking of cheerleading, @olivaglobal is the dude who was hired by the San Francisco Chronicle to promote the America’s Cup over the next 1.5 years. Here he goes:

That est was only for final match wknd. Rainy Tues est is 10K-20K LOL. Srsly look at plan.” 

So what’s the estimate, for real, for the crowd size on a off day during the AC? Appears as if these two AC34 cheerleaders are out of sync.

Now, speaking of studies, what the Hell is The America’s Cup: Economic Impacts of a Match on San Francisco Bay?Is it the “Independent Study” what everybody cites as proof of how great the AC is going to be?

I think it is!

Let’s take a look at the first line:

“The America’s Cup is the world’s third-largest sporting competition, after the Olympics and soccer’s World Cup.”

Here it is in the flesh:

So, let’s think about this here. I guess the bullshit Bay Area Council Economic Institute (BACEI) organization is allowing that the Summer Olympics and the World Cup just might possibly be bigger than an America’s Cup. But what about the Winter Olympics? Oh, and what about the Super Bowl?

Who actually believes that the America’s Cup, that thing where half the staff just got laid off and NBC needs to be paid in order to broadcast, is actually going to be bigger than a Super Bowl?


Not even the cheerleaders.

So why do they say these kinds of things?

All right here’s one more from the messed-up study what’s going to cost the taxpayers of San Francisco tens of millions of dollars. It discusses, and I’m srlsy, the “fleet of super yachts” what are going to be attracted to the bay area due to the America’s Cup, and then it talks about how much money we’re going to make by gassing them up and Windexing the shiny parts and stuff like that.

I’m srsly.

These cheerleaders are members of a modern day Cargo Cult and we’re all along for the ride.

And oh, we’re going to get the Golden State Warriors without funding the stadium at Piers 30-32? All right, so why then are we funding Larry Ellison’s ego trip of a boat race? Why are we allowing Him to get away with this?

I know not.

Screw the America’s Cup.


The world’s most popular sport may be soccer, but in cold, hard dollars, nobody throws a party like the National Football League.

• 1. Super Bowl

• 2. Summer Olympics

• 3. FIFA World Cup

• 4. Daytona 500

• 5. Rose Bowl

• 6. NCAA Men’s Final Four

• 7. Winter Olympics Games

• 8. Kentucky Derby

• 9. World Series

• 10. NBA Finals”

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6 Responses to “Is the America’s Cup Actually “the World’s Third-Largest Sporting Competition?” No – Why Does Mayor Ed Lee Lie to Us?”

  1. Dumbass says:

    The Warriors deal is the same as what the AC deal was, to the city. They get Sea Wall 330, 50+ years of lease credits, etc.

    AC would have at least done something maritime, with the fckn pier.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Regular people like basketball.

    The only people who benefit from the America’s Cup are the Mayor, Larry Ellison, Gavin Newsom, people like that.

  3. superpippo says:

    Daytona 500, Rose Bowl, NCAA Men’s Final Four, Kentucky Derby,World Series are little more than nothing outside Usa! Especially in Europe. Have a look about people in Venice and Napoli for Americas Cup World Series! Open your mind!

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Yes, they are little more than nothing outside of the USA but they are all a bigger deal than the America’s Cup.

    Does Italy have an entrant in next year’s America’s Cup? Why not, if this thing is such a big deal.

    And UEFA and other sports too are bigger than the America’s Cup.

  5. Dumbass says:

    Yes, Italy has an entry called Luna Rossa, sponsored by Prada, and will get huge attention.

  6. sfcitizen says:

    Luna Rossa? I haven’t heard of it. Should I cheer for them, against them? I don’t know. Should I buy the $400 Prada America’s Cup sneakers, you know, to feel a part of the “action?”

    One of the quasi-Italian teams just dropped out. Along with that French team. So what will we have? Oracle plus some rich white people from NZ, plus some rich white (blond) people from Scandinavia, plus some rich white people from Italy? Wow, let’s call that the world’s third largest sporting event!

    And let’s send the bill to the taxpayers of San Francisco…

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