How Many Brand Ambassadors Does MUNI Need at One Particular Intersection of the Western Addition? At Least Four

Are you there, MUNI? It’s me, Margaret.

OK, instead of hiring street ambassadors to sit around and talk with each other in order to get people to feel better about MUNI, why not just have them do something to actually improve MUNI to get people to feel better about MUNI?

I suppose the people in orange are the low-levels, you know, younger, attractive – they’re supposed to be the “Face of MUNI.” The supe wears yellow. “Uh, so, what was your major in college?”

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Don’t you realize that you pass people by each and every day with full buses in this area, you know, because you all don’t know what you’re doing?

What if you were given a billion dollars each year, MUNI? You’d have all the money spent in a New York minute and then you’d cut service and then you’d come back whinging for more. Are you the worst big-city transit agency in America? No, you say? Well, which one is worse than MUNI?

In closing, MUNI sucks.


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2 Responses to “How Many Brand Ambassadors Does MUNI Need at One Particular Intersection of the Western Addition? At Least Four”

  1. Cap. Obvious says:

    It’s obvious: they’re collecting overtime. I see them all over the place, just lounging, texting, listening to music or chatting. Regardless of the activity, they’re doing the most important thing: accumulating overtime.

  2. SFBrandAmbassadors says:

    Hello.. Cap. Obvious.. :) i believe these BA’s are NOT paid OT, because they are basically volunteering their time to help MUNI out. If they are paid anything, they are contracted as independent workers and not employees for the City. If they are talking to themselves, it is because people/customers around them are not interested in talking to them, those customers are familiar with procedures, or as you can clearly see there is not a lot of people around at this time period when photo was taken. The one in the yellow crossing guard vest is most likely NOT a supervisor. :) If there are a lot 3+ around it is probably to help with any rush overflow periods, or to train newbies. I would not put a newbie by themselves at a corner, especially if I know there are a lot of people who might harass them. Putting 2 people at one corner is good for catching people walking on one street (same side) and the other side street. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to deal with helping to inform people before but it is hard chasing people coming on one side and others coming from another to help educate them. So, that is why they are standing there. They’re not there to scare people. If you see them all over the place, walk up to them and talk to them. I think you will find those with seniority know a lot of information and can help guide you in the right direction. But of course, you don’t care that MUNI is trying to help out with some kind of customer support. You just want to complain.

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