Pedestrians Behaving Badly: Who Planned the Parking at Our Newish Traders Joe’s on Masonic?

Are the people who planned the parking situation at the Trader Joe’s on Masonic still around? And are they sorry for what they’ve done? I don’t know.

Now one person not still around is Suzanne Monaco, who was killed while dashing across Masonic to get to the store last month.

She was crossing like this guy was doing yesterday:

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If this is how pedestrians are going to behave, should there be a crosswalk with a light, you know, so people can get to their cars parked across the street because:

1. the actual parking lot for this particular TJ’s is almost always full during the times most people shop, and

2. the people driving up from areas in the south can’t turn into the parking lot anyway as northbound traffic isn’t allowed to left into the parking lot.

Now realize the current situation is already the second stab at a fix, since the line of idling cars that now queue up in the right lane of Masonic used to line up in the middle lane, leaving just one lane for traffic.

That situation was documented back in aught-eight:

“Of course, everybody needs to be on the lookout for all the Frogger-like jaywalkers carrying their groceries across six lanes of parked and moving cars. (Somebody is going to get hit one of these days.)”

What’s wrong with San Francisco?

Is the problem the NIMBY residents of nearby Ralph Waldo Emerson Street, you know, the people who don’t want their Inner Richmond Way of Life interrupted by food shoppers? I don’t know.

But why can’t TJ’s shoppers park on the roof of the TJ’s? There’s a parking lot up there, of course.

Anyway, I think the people who planned the parking situation are still around and I think that they are to blame.

Are they apologetic for what they’ve created?

I don’t know.

Actually, they’re probably still patting themselves on the back and giving each other awards, as they are wont to do.

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9 Responses to “Pedestrians Behaving Badly: Who Planned the Parking at Our Newish Traders Joe’s on Masonic?”

  1. Ciaran says:

    If you drive a CityCarshare car you can park on the roof; otherwise it’s employee parking.

  2. Chris Bucchere says:

    He KOM’ed the TJ’s Frogger segment. Is Strava encouraging people to park on the opposite side of Masonic and run through busy traffic??? I smell LAWSUIT!

  3. Rob Anderson says:

    There’s a crosswalk half a block away, Jim. Anyone who tries to jaywalk across six lanes of traffic carrying groceries has a death-wish.

  4. Whit says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Rob. There’s a crosswalk at Masonic/Euclid and down the street at Geary. There’s no reason to jaywalk unless you’re stupid.

  5. sfcitizen says:

    Well, people are stupid, fine.

    And I’ve got recent, positive posts up involving rainbows and ice cream, so I think I’m keeping it positive, right?

  6. Alai says:

    Complain all you want about law-breaking pedestrians, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that most drivers there, including the one that killed the lady, are breaking the speed limit.

    I’m pretty sick of people jumping to blame pedestrians for not being in the crosswalk, and then– when someone is killed in a crosswalk– either stay silent, or fall over themselves to lament the tragic, unavoidable accident.

    Anything to avoid putting any blame on the poor, unfortunate drivers.

  7. sfcitizen says:

    I’d be surprised if the limit on that part of Masonic is less than 25 MPH and I’d be surprised if the driver of the pickup(?) that hit the 25 year old architect woman was going more than 25 MPH.

    All pedestrians killed in collisions with private drivers so far this year in SF were at fault.

    SF peds really need to step up their game. They don’t know the laws and they break the ones they _do_ know, oftentimes.

  8. Alai says:

    “All pedestrians killed in collisions with private drivers so far this year in SF were at fault. ”

    False: [Link omitted since it disproves what the commenter is trying to say.]

    Not that there’ll be a penalty for the driver, of course.

    “SF peds really need to step up their game.”

    Yes, obviously. For example, the man above was negligent in not hiring a taxi to get across the street.

    “I’d be surprised if the driver of the pickup(?) that hit the 25 year old architect woman was going more than 25 MPH.”

    People hit at 25 mph survive 75% of the time ( — fig. 2). As a 25-year-old, her odds would be even better. And Masonic isn’t exactly known for people driving carefully. Especially people who aren’t constrained by traffic.

    Presumably the police have some evidence of her speed. I wonder if we’ll ever see it.

  9. sfcitizen says:

    Oh, yeah, we all should use extra caution around MUNI, commercial vehicle and taxi drivers. For some reason, these drivers are given extra rights even though they kill a lot of people.

    Truth be told, that link you had was about a commercial truck driver. But I’m talking about _private_ vehicle drivers, you know, those evil people, driving about in cars and SUVs and minivans and, indeed, pickup trucks.

    So, as stated, as far as SF ped deaths are concerned, it’s SF peds responsible for all ped deaths in SF for the first half of 2012 (except for the one killed by a cyclist), San Francisco bike riders = 1 and all the private vehicle drivers in the world, you know, a billion plus people = 0

    Isn’t that a good thing? To know that if had you followed the simple rules required of a ped, you would have had a zero chance of getting killed by a car driver in SF this year?

    I don’t know if that ped broke any laws.

    The average speed there is less than 25 MPH, right?

    The architect gal was 100% responsible for her death, right?

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