Here’s the Right Way and the Wrong Way to Lock Your Bike on the Mean Streets of San Francisco

Here’s the right way to lock your bike in the NIMBY-infested Alamo Square part of the Western Addition.

See? A hefty chain for the frame and front wheel plus a U-lock for the rear: 

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Now here’s the sitch just 12 feet away:

See? Neglecting your wheels is a sure-fire way to total your bike.

So here, the owner comes back to the bike and sees that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so s/he just leaves the bike there to rust away, for days, weeks, months, and, possibly, years.

What’s it going to be like when “bikeshare” comes to San Francisco and your credit card gets charged $1000 when you “lose” the bike you rented? I know not.

Our City Family wants to encourage cycling in San Francisco, but it does nothing about this sort of thing.

Oh well.

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One Response to “Here’s the Right Way and the Wrong Way to Lock Your Bike on the Mean Streets of San Francisco”

  1. jeff says:

    yes, that’s true. although it’s likely the bottom bike was left out there overnight. that’s when most bikes get stripped of everything that isn’t chained down. For most cases during the day for a short time, just the frame locked is good enough, although I have pipe ties on the wheels. that’ll slow them down on the quick release – never had a wheel stolen yet

    also, in some places i now lock my helmet to my bike, like at at the food for less on 14th. yeah, i had sweaty old helmet ripped off twice there. they couldn’t even get 5 bucks for that

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