1278 Market Street – HOTEL CHASE – “Nitely, Weekly, Monthly”

And please remember, “Use your key now 6/13/12”

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The newly-arrived Twitter people are already calling this place Hotel Chasing the Dragon.”

“Chasing the dragon” (a slang phrase of Cantonese origin from Hong KongTraditional Chinese: 追龍, Simplified Chinese: 追龙, Cantonese Jyutping: zeoi1 lung4, pinyin: zhuī lóng) refers to inhaling the vapor from heated morphineheroinoxycodone or opium that has been placed on a piece of foil. The ‘chasing’ occurs as the user gingerly keeps the liquid moving in order to keep it from coalescing into a single, unmanageable mass.[1] Another more metaphorical use of the term “chasing the dragon” refers to the elusive pursuit of the ultimate high in the usage of some particular drug.”

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3 Responses to “1278 Market Street – HOTEL CHASE – “Nitely, Weekly, Monthly””

  1. jeff says:

    i know somebody who used to live in there,. he paid 1100 a month with his wife for a room no bigger than my SRO on 6th. It was so cramped there was hardly room for a chair to sit down. They got tired of it and moved back to Illinois and got a 3 bedroom huge house with a large front and back yard for the same price

  2. Mel says:

    Drug activity is prominent throughout this area. I lived at the chase for a year and it is one of the better, cleaner hostels in the city. The landlord is really nice and he works hard to keep the riffraff out or kick them out as soon as possible. When you are dealing with transients it’s not always easy to keep a building clean but they clean this place with bleach every night, they vacuum the floors and the hallways are well lit and wide. You can get different sized rooms for different prices. I don’t know why a married couple with a child would try to move in here, this is really for one person or a couple, not family living. There is no drug activity in the hallways, no drug dealing etc. Once it is proven someone is dealing in a room they are kicked out.

    Not fancy living but if you are down and out and need a place to stay, this is a good one.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    Didn’t know, thx, for the update, Mel

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