Here’s One Way, Just One Way, That San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Can Get Out of that Perjury Thing with Christina Olague

Leave us begin:

Mayor Lee, before you decided to file charges for misconduct here, did you talk to any members of the Board of Supervisors about whether or not you should do so?” Kopp asked.

“I did not,” Lee replied.

Minutes later, a bomb threat delayed the hearing for nearly two hours.”

Now, of course Debra Walker could be lying or she could be confused or what have you.


I’m srsly.

So what are we left with?

How about this? What if Mayor Ed Lee discussed Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi with so-called Progressive Supervisor Christina Olague after he decided to file charges.*

See how that works? (Something like, “Oh yeah, I was just patronizing her, trying to make her feel good by asking for advice.”)

And there are three or four other explanations I can think of that would similarly keep Ed Lee out of the clink.

Even though he’s lying.

Now, let’s hear from appointed Supervisor Christina Olague. What would she have had to say, if she hadn’t gotten all flummoxed and, you know, run off to hide in her office?


1. I may be slow,* but I’m ahead of you; or


You Make The Call.

*You know, assuming that he wasn’t previously nailed down on the exact moment he decided to file charges. 

**Indeed, the least intelligent*** Supervisor we’ve got these days.

***By a country mile…

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One Response to “Here’s One Way, Just One Way, That San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Can Get Out of that Perjury Thing with Christina Olague”

  1. Rob Anderson says:

    His political career was launched with a lie. Remember? Ed Lee is a good example of why you don’t want Walter Mitty to become your mayor. He’s in over his head. The whole Mirkarimi thing could/should have been avoided by just letting voters decide. If the Furies in the domestic violence “community” wanted to gather signatures for a recall, fine. Or the issue could have been left to voters in the next election. The Sheriff’s office pretty much runs itself, so no permanent damage was likely with Mirkarimi at the helm. Lee isn’t really a leader; he’s a windsock, who just goes with default City Hall policies on traffic, development, the Central Subway, etc.

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