A Modest Proposal: “Sunday Streets Treasure Island” – Next Time the Bay Bridge Shuts Down – Just Walk to TI!

So, if this is worth doing on the western span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

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…why not let’s have a Sunday Streets on the western span the next time Caltrans or whoever does work on the eastern span, you know, the next time they shut down the bridge over a three-day weekend.

Then people could walk or ride their bikes to islands Yerba Buena and Treasure, if only for one day.

So sure, leave a lane or two open on the western span for TI residents to escape the isles and for trucks to service the eastern span. And maybe Homeland Security could have a few snipers around in case a sleeper cell tried to attack the main suspension cables.

But that’s it, that’s all we’d need to do.

All right, make it so.  

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7 Responses to “A Modest Proposal: “Sunday Streets Treasure Island” – Next Time the Bay Bridge Shuts Down – Just Walk to TI!”

  1. John Murphy says:

    Because someone would get on the rail and threaten to jump and we’d all be stuck up there. Not sure if there are expansion joints that would be impossible to ride over (these exist on the GGB).

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Somebody might jump off the Golden Gate Bridge as well, but nobody ever gets stuck up there. And soon enough the eastern span will be wide-open for jumping…

    People have ridden bikes and motorcycles over the Bay Bridge.

  3. Alai says:

    This is an excellent idea. Critical Mass tried to do it once, impromptu-style, but the motorcycle cops weren’t having it. Pity.

  4. sunglint says:

    This is a great idea. Especially because the western span will have better support for biking without closure. So people who will want to ride the FULL SPAN after 2013 when the west span opens will have to push for something like this.

    There should be a bridge-2-bridge ride!! (GGB/Bay)

  5. John Murphy says:

    Jim – when someone is on the bridge threatening to jump, they shut down the sidewalk. Needless to say they don’t close the vehicle lanes.

    I’m not saying this is a valid reason for not doing this, I’m saying someone from NannyHall will decide that we can’t do it for that reason. Of course, they let this guy drive his car all over the bridge when it was closed, for a couple of bucks

  6. Newb says:

    Usually a movie studio buys out the other side, like for stuff like this (0:50) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuDN2bCIyus

  7. gibs says:

    i rode across from peoples park to treasure islands and was givin a poli e escort. plus had all 8 lanes at the toll booth popping photos, only to be arrested for going across the gg bridge into marin. i did the ride from peoples to treasure on a 10 inch mongoose im a 180 pound man

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