Apparently, Nobody Wants to Buy the All-Electric CODA Automotive Sedan for $40K – Layoffs at Benicia “Assembly” Plant?

I’ll tell you, the process of taking a very tired gasoline-engined Mitsubishi / Volvo economy car and plopping in a battery and an electric motor isn’t going so hot for CODA Automotive.

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Nobody’s buying this car.

Nobody’s releasing sales numbers for this car.

But, here you go, have at it and buy one today – I don’t care.

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12 Responses to “Apparently, Nobody Wants to Buy the All-Electric CODA Automotive Sedan for $40K – Layoffs at Benicia “Assembly” Plant?”

  1. J says:

    Do you know how many % of parts for GM, FORD, and Chrysler from China?
    Are you okay with import car from Europe, Japan, Korea etc.
    What is the problem with Coda colaborate with Chiness Auto Company?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Parts? Not a whole bunch

    Cars imported from democratic societies? All right.

    CODA sux.

  3. J says:

    Wow you are against Coda because Chinese is not democratic society. It is shock? Each contry has own culture and history. See what happend in Iraq and Afcanistan. Democratic Society is not perfect solution for evereything.
    You should not use Gasoline because the most gasoline you pump at Gas station not from Democratic Society. Good luck to find the product from democratic contry in US.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    No, I just gave you one reason – there are many more. Read the links.
    If CODA made this hunk of junk in Afghanistan, that would be something.
    Well, most gasoline pumped comes from North America. Canada and Mexico have elections, right?

  5. J says:

    How about Apple or big cooperation have their manufacture in China?
    I don’t see any difference between Coda and other US Companies manufactured in China?

  6. sfcitizen says:

    I know what you mean – it’d be nice if they’d use their influence.

    CODA over the years has absolutely run away from its association with / ownership by Chinese elements. One way of doing that is with having the “final assembly” warehouse in California. Also, with their marketing, look at their marketing materials from over the years.

    And one reason the US Government didn’t buy CODA a battery factory in Ohio, was the Chinese ownership issue.

    Back in the day, car companies were started by tinkerers like Karl Benz and Henry Ford. Now, they’re started by Goldman Sachs and politically-connected people? Is that a good thing?

  7. Richie Rich says:

    I test-owned a Coda a few months back, drove it nearly 750 miles over two and a half weeks. It had some electronic glitches – to be expected from a totally new type of technology, so I was not bothered by those things. Being an older Chinese frame/body/interior, a few things could definitely be improved. Battery technology was truly impressive. The drivetrain was amazing – so much power on the highway, after 50 and only up to 82 mph, that it felt like a fast car. Of course, the motor sucks juice pretty quickly like that and for maximum range, you’re not supposed to drive the car that way.
    I have one final thing to say and I hope you’re all listening – I MISS THAT CAR! I am waiting for the larger battery version due next year and we’ll see what happens then.

  8. sfcitizen says:

    Well Rich, there aren’t enough of you out there and there never will be. So, considering that, why should Coda continue with cars?

  9. Richie Rich says:

    There aren’t enough of me yet but there will eventually be and so Coda should continue. I still love fast cars that run on fossil fuel, no doubt. But electric is the way to go into the future.
    Have you driven one of these? If not, I would urge you too – it’s waaay different than what I expected and you might be surprised as well. Not like a hybrid at all. I had a huge grin on my face that lasted until they were ready to ship – it has power, it handles amazingly well, it’s kinda roomy for a little car.
    But to answer your question as to why Coda should continue…all electric, renewable energy, quiet, clean, neat, fun, economical, gov’t inventives, etc.
    Drive one and you’ll see what I mean. If you’re in SF, I think there’s a dealership somewhere up there.
    About the $500 mil loan issue with the battery plant in Ohio not going through, I’m pretty sure it was not about Chinese associations but more about Coda being a brand new untested company with a new product without a track record that the US didn’t want to bet $500 million on.
    Relatedly, I found out why you can’t lease a Coda yet – b/c the banks don’t have a depreciation value history for which they need at least a year to be able to make lease rate decisions. In 2013 they’re trying to get a leasing program going, so the battery plant ‘might’ get built if things go well for Coda.

  10. Richie Rich says:

    You only have one liners when trying to make your point, hunh?

    Come up with some original material. Oh, wait – That would require actually learning something.

  11. sfcitizen says:

    Learning how great the Coda Sedan is?

    I think I’ve been offering lots more than one-liners the past couple of years.

    Simply, your company has broken lots and lots and lots of promises for a long time.

    And then CODA employees dis on the Leaf? You find that acceptable, I do not.

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