Confused Minivan Driver Makes Major Errors on Just One Half of a Block on Market Street

Now, you got to hand it to this driver, cause at least he was trying.

But let’s inventory his mistakes betwixt 6th and 7th streets on Market in the corrupt Twitterloin, scene of the infamous Pride Shootings of 2011.

1. (Slowly) blows through the red light at Jones and Market inbound. 

2. Belatedly sees the light and then stops right under it when it turns green.

3. Changes into the transit lane after seeing the Right Turn Only sign because he sure as hell doesn’t want to turn right. 


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4. Drives through the crosswalk at Sixth on a red in order to fix the mistake he made getting into the transit lane. 


He’s lucky he didn’t get a souvenir ticket* from the SFPD.

Not drunk, just a confused newby.

Oh well.

*Which he’d be pretty much free to ignore if he’s leaving CA soon. 

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