Grocery Store Intervention: Trader Joe’s, You Have a Problem – Jaywalking Customers on Masonic – Who Will Die Next?

My latest trip to the TJ’s lasted no longer than two shakes of a lamb’s tail. And yet, I saw a ton of people park on the east side of Masonic only to run or walk across the busy six-lane freeway substitute to get to the store on the north side.

Why do people do this? Well, because the line for parking can be twenty cars long. And also because shoppers can’t easily head north or east after driving out of the parking lot.

This would be no biggee normally, but the combination of the hill crest and the curves makes this a dangerous practice, as was foretold a while back.

Here’s how it works, it’s just like a game of Frogger excepting that you’re the frog.

The telltale bag:


Here’s another. (The fence is for the MUNI Yard at Masonic and Geary)

It seemed like one person was making this crossing every couple minutes when I was there.

Now, do the people at TJ’s #100 at 3 Masonic know about this?

Well, how could they not?

Now, do the people at TJ’s do anything about this?

I don’t know. Doesn’t appear that way.

All right, the girls are still shopping so let’s go up to the roof to see Dude (no that’s not his Mercedes, it’s some other jaywalker’s)…

…but oh no, this gal’s doing the same thing at the same time

…and now back to Dude, wise choice, man…

…and let’s go back to the gal, she see’s an opening, she   could   go   all   the   way:

I mean, this is ten seconds worth of action in four shots.

This is a target-rich environment.

So, why doesn’t Trader Joe’s have a proper parking lot, you know, one that has a chance of accommodating all the shoppers?

I don’t know.

Did the City and County expect cars to whither away by now, you know, “Peak Oil is coming in 2005” so let’s get ready for that?

Did the rich white homeowners in the area go full NIMBY back when plans were originally being drawn up?

Did TJ’s actually have a plan for shoppers to park on the roof or in some underground parking garage?

I don’t know.

Who will be the next to die?

I don’t know.

Now let’s hear from Reader RMS: “I shop, as well as drive by hear almost on a daily basis–and it never ends. Cars hang u-turns, cross the double lines, pedestrians/shoppers run and sometimes slowly walk across to go to TJ’s without a thought. I actually drove by there at the time of the unfortunate death of that woman. It’s exactly as you stated, the hill, the speed limit but people choose to take their chances because it’s more convenient than having to go into the parking lot or go the actual cross walk, they can’t be bothered–sad. Has Trader Joe’s made any comments or contributed any ideas on passing the message to their customers?”

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7 Responses to “Grocery Store Intervention: Trader Joe’s, You Have a Problem – Jaywalking Customers on Masonic – Who Will Die Next?”

  1. SlideSF says:

    If you know the lights it’s not that difficult. Maybe the people who got hit didn’t know the lights. Just sayin’.

  2. SFC says:

    Well yeah, but sometimes those lights can be tricky.

    I jaywalk all the time but I wouldn’t do so here…

  3. Camarografo says:

    How about a tunnel? Since the city already has tunneling equipment for the Chinatown boondoggle, why not throw more money at a pit?

  4. Karen says:

    Why should Trader Joe’s be the police for people’s bad behavior? Granted
    the parking lot is small, but use the crosswalk for goodness sake. That’s what
    they’re there for.

  5. tahoejoe says:

    People who are too lazy to walk to the corner have only themselves to blame. Parking may be difficult, but it is not a fundamental right to always have a space available 20 feet from the door of a store.

  6. SlideSF says:

    Too “lazy” to walk 200 feet out of one’s way, wait for the light to change, and then still risk getting run over by a right-turning driver who is too concerned with getting home to look for pedestrians. Funny notion of “lazy”. But I guess you at least have the satisfaction of knowing that when you got hit you were in the right. And certainly not “lazy”.

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