Google Maps Changes the Name of Van Ness Avenue to El Camino Real – But You Can’t Object, It’s Perfectly Legal

Oh, c’mon, man, is this why tourists ask me where El Camino Real is?

Are you seriously, Google?  

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They are seriously and it’s all legal. Check it:

California Streets and Highways Code Section 635(b): State highway routes embracing portions of Routes 280, 82, 238, 101, 5, 72, 12, 37, 121, 87, 162, 185, 92, and 123 and connecting city streets and county roads thereto, and extending in a continuous route from Sonoma southerly to the international border and near the route historically known as El Camino Real shall be known and designated as “El Camino Real.”

So basically, everything that could possibly considered ECR is ECR – that’s what the solons of Sacramento have determined.

News to me.

You’ve won this one, Google.

Google the Devil but I Feel Lucky.

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5 Responses to “Google Maps Changes the Name of Van Ness Avenue to El Camino Real – But You Can’t Object, It’s Perfectly Legal”

  1. jeff says:

    i remember this is grade school. El Camino supposed to be one of the longest streets in the world. maybe that’s why there’s laws about it

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Well I guess the Government of the Russian Federation could declare a transcontinental road out of freeways and railroads and dirt lanes and whatnot all the way across Russia and then they’d have the longest “road.”

    Anyway, Van Ness is nice and flat compared with the alternatives, so I guess why they chose that route, more or less…

  3. jeff says:

    I remember somebody kept altering the Van Ness sign at Market to read Van Amberg

  4. Alai says:

    Google Maps has had all sorts of oddities in its naming conventions. For a while California St. was also labeled “Lincoln Highway”– which it is, actually, at least historically speaking. But not very useful for wayfinding.

  5. sfcitizen says:

    Sweet, I’m at Lincoln Highway and El Camino Real, come pick me up!

    I guess people can contribute alternative place and street names but that sure doesn’t help people get around…

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