Guess Which State Has License Plates What Say, “Share the Road Y’All?”

It’s Texas of course:

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At first I thought that roadie was supposed to be a drugged-up Lance Armstrong but you can’t see any tracks on him. (There’s room on the plate for a hypo sticking out of Lance’s arm, if that who it’s supposed to be.)

Anyway, Only In Texas.

Also, Hugs not Drugs.

(Oh, this car already had a parking ticket on it, courtesy of the SFMTA / MUNI / DPT, you know, to say Welcome, Stranger! I’m not sure if the ticket was for unnecessary street cleaning or unnecessary neighborhood parking enforcement.)

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4 Responses to “Guess Which State Has License Plates What Say, “Share the Road Y’All?””

  1. Camarografo says:

    “I’m not sure if the ticket was for unnecessary street cleaning or unnecessary neighborhood parking enforcement.)” – I don’t agree that out-of-state drivers should get a free pass. In fact I had a Texas-plated SUV ticketed for blocking my garage a couple of days ago.
    SF isn’t some anything goes exception just because drivers are from somewhere else. They would do the same, or worse if went there and blocked their cowpath.

  2. SFC says:

    Well, blocking your garage is a different story.

    But the street cleaning and the neighborhood parking rules – that’s what’s unnecessary, IMO.

  3. John Murphy says:

    SFC – 10 bucks says this person lives here now and is putting off re-registering the vehicle.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Well, you’re allowed a period of time to get your affairs in order after coming to CA.

    (CA state smogification used to be a big deal until the DMV got sued big time, oh well.)

    I hadn’t seen this ride before…

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