Proof That the “Mid-Market Renaissance” is Finally Complete: “Business Meeting Outside of Twitter”

Via The Tens comes, Business Meeting Outside of Twitter.

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The dude on the left is Ghiberti and I’m pretty sure that that’s Donatello in the blue cap.

You know, when I see all the “improvements” what have come to the Mid-Market since Willie Brown stooge Ed Lee worked to undo the tax signed into law by Willie Brown stooge Gavin Newsom in 2004,* I think, wow, how much better would things be in the Mid-Market if Mark Pincus had donated $100,000 to Mayor Ed Lee (you know, instead of just $50,000) so that the City and County of San Francisco would have then “invested” $3.5 million into Zynga (you know, instead of just $1.75 million).

In closing, please remember that all social problems can only be solved through investments in real estate.

*Yep.  Gavin Newsom the Tax Raiser, the Job Killer. It was a different era.

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  1. tobymarx says:

    The guy on the left is Robin William’s brother. He’s been struggling with alcoholism and living on the streets of San Francisco for years. I’ve often talked with him, sometimes after he’s fresh out of rehab, sometimes when he’s drunk on his ass. Clearly in this photo, he’s drunk.. At heart, he’s actually a very nice guy, but when he’s drunk he tends to do and say incredibly stupid things.

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