CODA Automotive, the Company What Builds Crappy Electric Cars in the Bay Area, Has Sold Just 78 Vehicles?

Why on earth are we subsidizing the totally crummy CODA Automotive electric car company? It baffles me. What makes it a good company, what makes it worthy? Nothing.

Anyway, here’s the latest, as expected, the first recall notice has come early, before CODA even delivered 100 cars worldwide.

Here’s their “Statement” about the matter:

“CODA Automotive is committed to safety and has voluntarily recalled* 78 of its 2012 CODA model year vehicles within the VIN range of 53G1U4A48CB000026 to 53G1U4A48CB000260. The recall campaign was issued because of the potential that the side curtain airbags in certain vehicles may not deploy as intended due to an improper installation. Certain 2012 model year CODA vehicles may have this condition. There are no known injuries related to this recent discovery. CODA Automotive holds itself to the highest safety standards and continually strives to offer the most reliable product for its consumers.”

Now, I’ll ask you, how many tens of thousands of these vehicles were supposed to have been sold by now? Well, I’ll answer you: SEVERAL! And yet this recall notice shows just how unpopular this product is, even though I can think of at least four huge subsidies the government grants to its owners.

Oh, but what’s this, it’s a non-crappy electric car what’s cheaper than anything from Coda. It’s a Nissan Leaf, which the Coda people have been criticizing for years. Oh well. Anyway, adorable, non?

BTW, 35,000 LEAFs have been sold so far, worldwide.

So, CODA, why don’t you take your assets and try to give them to the govmint to make up for all that you have cost us?

Solyndra shut itself down, so can you!

*This recall is a nothingburger, really. I mean, my giant Toyota doesn’t have side-curtain airbags and nobody’s recalling it, right? The recall notice is important because it gives us a clue to CODA’s abysmal sales….

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32 Responses to “CODA Automotive, the Company What Builds Crappy Electric Cars in the Bay Area, Has Sold Just 78 Vehicles?”

  1. J says:

    You again?
    “Now, I’ll ask you, how many tens of thousands of these vehicles were supposed to have been sold by now?” based upon what?
    Have you seen how many Nissan Leaf have been sold last few months through over thousand dealeships? You can’t use the same standard for measuring between the start up automotive company with 4 dealerships and the company has the long long histroy with over thousand dealerships.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Yes, the 1st Am. is still the Law of the Land, so, yes, me again. .

    You won’t announce your abysmal sales numbers so this recall notice will have to suffice. Anyway, it’s novel, it’s new, hence my new post.

    Look what Miles said all the way back in 2007:

    Based upon that. Oh, look where Miles was based – Santa Monica! What a coincidence.

    Has the number of Nissan dealerships changed since your pie-in-the-sky predictions? Nope. You didn’t factor that in?

    Did Coda employees rip on the innocent LEAF back in the day? Yep.

    Maybe Coda was a bad idea?

  3. J says:

    You ask Coda to keep the annoucement made on three years ago when Coda Automotive and Coda Sedan didn’t exist. World change so fast. The stratagy must be adjusted to sucess. I am so interested about your unlogical enthusiastic critisizm about Coda Electronic. First time I found you and thought you try to change the society positive way, but read more and more and more your blog, nothing but criticizm without any solution. How about the oil dependen world?

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Yep. It’s the same company.

    Are you suggesting that Coda kept any promises? Do you want me to inventory them? Again?

    Actually, the Javlon is the Coda Sedan.

    Coda is a bad idea. I ID’ed it as such years ago and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

    The solution is to shut down Coda and for you to buy a Nissan Leaf.

    Giving money to Goldman Sachs people isn’t going to make the world better.

  5. J says:

    You don’t see the issue of the heavily oil dependency society?
    What are you afrad of Coda? What is the different between Nissan Leaf, Headquater in Japan and Coda headqurter in LA, CA.

    I wish all electrical vehicles are sucess. So I can see in the future we are no longer soooo oil dependent for my children.

  6. sfcitizen says:

    I’m afraid that Coda is wasting our money. Coda is worthless – it should die.

    The Leaf is a well-designed car, the Coda is not.

  7. J says:

    I don’t get it. You still ignore my question about oil dependency society. What does that mean our money? Coda doesn’t get the money from federal goverment. I really try to find out where you are thinking from.
    Don’t confuse people with your unreliable bias oppinion. I can see you are pro for the big oil company and Nisan Leaf.You must don’t know about Leaf Design Issue. I admit Coda is not well design but I can see the potential. I best wish for the success of all electric vehicle including Nissan Leaf and Coda.

  8. J says:

    One more question, Have you seen and driven recent Coda Sedan?

  9. sfcitizen says:

    Coda is not the answer to anything. It’s a loser company. If Coda drivers want to drive in a carpool lane, they should do so as a carpool, not just by themselves.

    Why should the state or federal governments take money from other people and then give $10,000 to Coda drivers?

    Don’t you think Coda has too many employees? Don’t you think it’s a garbage product?

  10. sfcitizen says:

    Why would I?

    Why should I?

    Maybe I should buy a 20 year old Honda Civic, take out the back seat in order to put 1000 pounds of steel plate down low, replace the gas tank with one from a lawnmower and then see what it was like. I think that’d be something like the Coda experience…

  11. J says:

    Then don’t criticize. How can you criticize Coda Sedan without seen and driven the Car? Then your criticizm must be based upon the information on the internet. Don’t believe everything what you read on Intenet. I hope you have capability of the filter out what is the true or not.
    I don’t want to see the EV industry fail again which happend decades ago.
    I don’t know why Coda must answer if Company is not ready.
    Remember Coda is start up. Be patient like me and give Coda chance.
    I’ve never though Coda steal money from my pocket, but old company and big three does by the unbeliveable tax advantage and bailout money. Read newspaper!!! It was nice to chat with you.

  12. sfcitizen says:

    “We are not manufacturing other cars that more than offset with their pollution what we are putting on the market.” That’s a criticism of Nissan.

    Coda people also rip on the Leaf for not having a trunk. Coda people also have suggested that the Leaf is “pretentious.” Coda people also have said that suburban moms wouldn’t feel “comfortable” in the Leaf.

    The Coda sedan is a 20 year old Mitsubishi Carisma with the engine ripped out – do you know that? That’s not how you’re supposed to build cars in 2012. The EV industry also failed about 11 decades ago. Oh well.

    Coda should just remove itself from the govt. subsidy program – that would be the honest thing to do.

    Just because Coda sucks doesn’t mean bailing out GM was a good idea. We shouldn’t subsidize either co.

  13. J says:

    You don’t get my point. I don’t say Coda is well made car. I know Coda must improve the quality of car. I don’t know how you well understand about the difficulty of making the new car even the big existed OEM. It takes several years to launching the new vehicle. Again don’t just say “Coda should die”. You keep point out the message from the previous CEO he is no longer with Coda and article publishe couple years ago.
    Visit Coda Experience Center at LA and Dealer near San Friansisco. If you don’t want to waist you time to visit and then go and understand what Coda try to do and see how much they are achive. I agree Coda is long way to go to success but I can wait because I don’t see Coda takes money from my pocket but oil companies are doing everyday and big 3 had done already. I think this is enough for me to educate you.
    I don’t know what is your goal for doing this, but good luck to you and all campanies try to change the world postive way.

  14. sfcitizen says:

    Why should they keep trying? I’m saying Coda is a bad idea. Yes I know that Coda is trying to do something hard. That’s been my point for years.

    Coda has nothing to offer. What should they do, fire everybody and then start over again again again fresh? And then say, we’re new, give us another chance?

    That dealer isn’t near SF, I think it’s in SJ.

    I’ve been to the website. I’ve also been to the Wiki entry that they keep editing, to hide the truth about their problems.

    How about this, no money for car cos. Wouldn’t you like that?

    Coda will never succeed.

    I don’t have a goal.

  15. J says:

    I am sorry to hear that you have no goal. What a wasted effort.
    You have been trying this for over year but Coda still exist and and expanding I believe. Which is indication of your theory is wrong and Coda have a good chance at success. I don’t think Coda had asked but I have asked you to give Coda chance. Coda’s business model as a automotive OEM is new. I speculate you may be very very conservative and don’t want to see the change and may be afraid of the adaption of the new technolgy and alternateve engergy solution. But this may not be the option becasue all know oil is limited and will be ran out in the future.
    If we don’t invest now then our next generation will be victimized. Don’t just hate Coda. Coda success will be the big problem for US and world, please, pursuade with the accurate information not by your personal feeling about Coda.

  16. sfcitizen says:

    The goal is to identify Coda as a bad company. I did it 2.25 years ago.

    I did the same thing four years ago with a Japanese company

    Coda has a lot of politically-connected people on its board. I’m not surprised that they still exist. They’re still a bad company.

    What if their cars cost $100,000 and they used a car that was first designed 40 years ago? Would you still support them? How bad do the products of an electric car company have to be before you would question the company? There is no worse electric car available than the Coda Sedan. Don’t you realized that?

    Oil or coal powers the plant that makes the electricity for most Coda cars, right? Is that good?

  17. J says:

    If Coda is really bad company like you said but I don’t believe, consumer will not choose Coda sedan. Let’s see what will happen.

    Oil or coal powers the plant that makes the electricity for all electric cars, not just for Coda cars. Of course, ito make electricity needs oil or coal power today. But still need lot I mean A LOT less than gasolin vehicle. That’s why Coda starts the Energy Storage and work with Solar City. It is very make sense and right direction.

  18. sfcitizen says:

    How many cars will they end up selling this year? 200? That’s what’s happening.

    Eventually, oil and coal and natural gas will go away in hundreds of years. OK.

    Coda is the wrong direction.

    What if their cars cost $100,000 and they used a car that was first designed 40 years ago? Would you still support them? How bad do the products of an electric car company have to be before you would question the company? There is no worse electric car available than the Coda Sedan. Don’t you realized that?

  19. J says:

    I am glad you also understand fossil fuel will go away someday. But I am sad that you don’t see the real problem and have any s try to persuade people based upon the limited knowledge with the narrow focus.

    You have admitted the fossil fuel s will go away but you don’t seem like you understand the consequence of no petroleum. Unfortunately, today’s society is not possible to live the single day without the petroleum. I am not just talking about the oil for cars. Petroleum is directly or indirectly using for producing everything what you own, see, and eats right now. Unfortunately, petroleum is not replaceable for producing goods with today’s technology although many scientists and chemical companies are tremendously investing to find the alternative materials for replacing the petroleum for producing goods for many years. I have no doubt petroleum will be available at my generation. But I am not for sure about my next generation. This fact made me involve this discussion and this is the reason I am fully supporting the companies and movement try to provide some solutions to prepare the foreseeable problem in the future. Unfortunately, I don’t see this effort by the existing big corporations who have the enough money and resource for our next generation. You may name Nissan, GM, Ford, and Honda who already launched EV or plan to launch the EV in the near future. But I do believe it is not enough to compare how much other small EV startup companies achieved this far. That’s another reason I give the full credit and support to the company like Coda which startup company doesn’t have enough money and resource but try to not only sell their cars but also educate public by Experience Center. None of the big company does this effort but is doing by Startup companies, Tesla and Coda.
    You also criticize about Coda has political connection. But this must happened. Well made EV will not sellable if infra structures like EV Friendly freeway, public charging station are not available which driven by politicians. I think Coda executives are well understand this and they bring political attention for EV Industry. This is very positive movement for the next generation done by small tiny startup which is amazing to see. I best wish for Coda’s success and also other electric vehicles as well.

  20. SFC says:

    All right.

    Here’s the beef against Coda

    Note the long comment as well…

  21. sfcitizen says:

    This is the most negative review of a new vehicle that the New York Times has recently had.

    “…difficult to accept the shortcomings of the Coda at its current price, despite its ability to grant 100 miles on a single charge.”

    I say that Coda is a garbage company directly, that writer says the same thing indirectly.

    The same thing with the US News writer.

    The Coda sedan doesn’t have a 36 kw battery. Not anymore.

    “With a starting price of $44,900, the Coda will be eligible for the federal government’s $7,500 tax rebate, but even with the discount, it will be too expensive for many shoppers. But those who are interested will have to wait, as the electric car will go on sale in California first. To become popular, the press thinks the Coda has a lot to overcome. Americans who can afford the Coda will probably want something flashier, and will have to be comfortable buying a car from an independent Chinese automaker.”

    Why would anyone favor a Coda over the cheaper Leaf? And you know, there was a time when Japan was the biggest threat to the people of the South China Sea, but not anymore. Can you guess what the threat is now? Why do you think American’s would buy a Chinese car over a Japanese car when everybody agrees that the Leaf is a much better vehicle?

  22. J says:

    It seems like you don’t get my point. I am not saying Coda Sedan is perfect. Coda Sedan has to be improved to success period and no doubt. Read all my messages above from the begining and get the point. I touhght you are smart enough to understand what I have been trying to tell you. Maybe I am wrong. Good luck to your worthless effort for do nothing per you said earlier.

  23. sfcitizen says:

    I don’t think you think the Sedan is perfect.

    I think the Sedan is terrible, the worst car available in California.

    You’re free to love it and your company as much as you want.

    But you won’t be able to sell just 150 cars per year forever…

  24. J says:

    None of cars are perfect.

    I think the Sedan is okay to drive if you care about the next generation. it is new EV avaiable in California, California should be proud by becoming the capital of Electric Vehicle by small company like Tesla, Fisker, and Coda maybe more. Just enjoy to see they are growing. They are pioneer of the new EV industry. Whether you like or not, I am for sure your next generation will be benefitted by these small companise bravery efforts.

    You are free to hate it as much as you want.

    Yes, Coda will not be sell just 150 cars but need to sell lot more and they will. It seems like you finally admit Coda will have a good chance to survive FOREVER….

    It seem like you finally admit Coda will be in this business forever.

  25. xkejag says:

    “If Coda is really bad company like you said but I don’t believe, consumer will not choose Coda sedan. Let’s see what will happen.”

    Clearly a Codawg fan I see.

    This piece of work is nothing more than a goldman sachs / chinese government grab at taxpayer dollars.

    Poor style.

    Made largely in China.

    Delayed beyond the point of relevance due to Codawg hiring some garage outfit to endlessly attempt to design it’s battery electronics.

    Subject to it’s recall of all of it’s 78 car sales — unless you somehow think some of these things had good airbags and others had the bad airbags. (guess that might fit like trying to determine which baby formula from chine would kill your kid or something eh?).

    This think is an epic fail. The only thing that can save it is for them to crawl over to obama and ask for some left over solyndra cash.

    NOBODY wants this thing. I live in Calif. Never seen one yet though I see Kharmas, Volts and Leafs and will be seeing alot of Toyota’s PIH Prius.

    All those cars are done professionally instead of having been cobbled together with dated styles and low budget electronic design.

    We are in tough times for EV’s and even PIH’s……the road gets much harder when junk like this shows up…….and what I fear is there will be a goldman sachs moneygrab for taxpayer bailouts to float this operation that will further stink up the future.

    You vainly keep shilling Codawg will be selling alot of cars. Hopefully not.
    Were this thing to make it’s best showing on the Hertz and Avis lots (which is where it’s headed at best)…..I’ll be sure to avoid it just out of principle.

    78 cars. Most probably sold to Codawg employees.

    That is NOT growing no matter how much you hope it is.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Take this thing over to your homeland already ok? There the government can mandate everyone in Shanghai buy them:)

  26. Steve says:

    Issuing a recall for 78 vehicles is NOT the same as only having sold 78 vehicles. I’ve worked on recalls before for automakers, and the quantity listed in the recall letter is the number of cars that left the factory with that probable defect. Cars that were repaired prior to leaving the factory aren’t in that total, nor are any cars that never had the defect. Since the cause of the defect is “improper installation”, it’s quite probable that only a portion of the total production had the issue, maybe all cars built over a 2 week period.
    Don’t take this as praise or defense of CODA. It’s just an attempt to explain how recalls actually work.

  27. sfcitizen says:

    Fair enough.

    Or it could represent the entire worldwide production for 2012 up to a certain date.

    So, how man cars has CODA actually sold? CODA knows but declines to state, declines to contradict/correct the LATimes. I wonder why…

  28. jd says:

    entertaining read…
    i test drove the coda recently… like the coda owner’s comment, it seems to work well.
    my wife drives the nice car, and i could care less about what i drive for a commute.
    the leaf is fugly IMO… if i could BUY an EV, it’d probably be the Honda FIT.

    in a nights of research, the Honda FIT seems to beat both out… too bad you can’t just buy one.

  29. Aacod says:

    Coda has never taken any govt funds so shut ur mouth up.

  30. sfcitizen says:

    Didn’t say they took funds. I said that they’re govt. subsidized. And they are. So there.

  31. What honestly stimulated you to post “CODA Automotive, the Company What
    Builds Crappy Electric Cars in the Bay Area, Has Sold Just 78 Vehicles?

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