Trader Joe’s “Bro” Vs. Moving Traffic on Masonic Avenue – San Francisco Planning at Its Finest

You see, area NIMBY’s didn’t want the Masonic Trader Joes (Store #100) to have a proper parking lot, so this is the result:

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Bad pedestrian behavior on this block has led to the death of one TJ’s shopper this year so far.

The question is why do peds act this way at this particular location.

The other question is what can be done about this.

San Francisco: The City That DOESN’T Know How.

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3 Responses to “Trader Joe’s “Bro” Vs. Moving Traffic on Masonic Avenue – San Francisco Planning at Its Finest”

  1. meligrosa says:

    stupidity prevails in people risking their lives by speeding vehicles. that whole area is a mess death trap, gives me the fucken chills even when on the 43.

    curious: why do you have to put an adjective, why cant they just be persons. fashionable woman, bro?!… anonymous blog writer.

  2. SFC says:

    Dude wasn’t alone in his Frogger-like journey. They sure fit the Bro category.

    And that woman, I don’t know about her. If you saw what she had, you’d see was heavily accessorized. My purpose for the post is to show the scene for her or her relatives if there’s a lawsuit. I don’t know how else to describe her…

  3. Rob Anderson says:

    Meligrosa must be a bit of a wimp, since there’s no danger in riding the #43 in that area. But the #43—and all the other traffic on Masonic—will be slowed down once the city implements the Bicycle Coalition’s “improvements” on Masonic next year, just in time for the opening of Target at Geary and Masonic.

    Trader Joes customers jaywalking can’t be blamed on cars, since it’s pure folly to not walk half a block to cross the street there.

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