How Wude! Marina Times Editor-in-Chief Susan Dyer Reynolds Bans Comments from Her “BMW SUV vs. SF Cyclist” Screed

So Marina Times Editor in Chief Susan Dyer Reynolds had a kind of a breakdown a few months back, while she was piloting her giant BMW among cyclists on Page in one of the Haights.

Let’s review:

“Curly sped up and so did I, pulling in front of his bike, and trapping him between my SUV and the car parked next to him. As he came to a screeching halt, I rolled the window down a couple of inches. What color he had in his pale face drained and suddenly the smug smile was gone. “Are you crazy?” he asked, his voice shaking. Any ability I had to be rational went out my spit-covered window. “If I was crazy I would crush you like a bug right now,” I screamed.”

There wasn’t much of a reaction to this cry for help at first. But then a tiny blog (tiny but with more readers than the picayune Marina Times it’s safe to say) made a post about Susan’s breakdown, so she then got a whole bunch of reaction, from all across the country, mostly negative.

And then she posted some message about how she was going to deal with all the negative reaction in the September issue.

And then the comments disappeared.

And now, we have this.

“Virtual Ku Klux Klan”

“$10,000 in stolen funds stuffed in her blouse”

“Giada De Laurentiis has a bulbous candy apple head.”

It’s wide-ranging, certainly.

Anyway, I guess that’s that. That’s all we’ll be reading from her on the matter.

But you can find the basic gist of all those comments here, and other places I guess.

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2 Responses to “How Wude! Marina Times Editor-in-Chief Susan Dyer Reynolds Bans Comments from Her “BMW SUV vs. SF Cyclist” Screed”

  1. Susan Dyer Reynolds, the wine writer for the Marina had these tidbits to say about me….

    “Cindy Marabito, the self proclaimed “American Pit Bull Examiner” who blogs prolifically for the Examiner, thinks it’s all one big conspiracy and ACC is hiding Charlie so they can kill him later. As a traditional journalist, I often harp about the way major news outlets trivialize and muddy real reporting by letting anyone write anything under their recognizable brands, and Marabito’s Examiner blog more than proves my point.”

    Well, all I can say is move over Diane Sawyer and make way for the serious journalism of the Marina Times wine section. Us ol’ bloggers best shut up and leave that there writin’ to these hard news pros.

  2. Jo Baker says:

    Except Susan Dyer Reynolds happens to be right about CM. An ex-ACC volunteer who was blacked listed for, among other things, taking it upon herself to remove adoptable dogs from the shelter and taking them to a pet hospital to be PTS for no reason, then stiffing them for the bill, she is certifiably bat shit crazy. And like the ex-owner of Charlie the dog, she runs multiple on-line scams to raise money for dogs who are not even in her possession.

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