City Attorney Dennis Herrera Stars in “Call Me Baby” Parody for the Money Mart Settlement – Deadline Oct 1st

Here it is:

I was waiting for a stinger at the end, maybe involving DJH, you know, bookends, but anyway, all the deets:

“San Francisco City Attorney Dennis J. Herrera and Money Mart (also known as Loan Mart) have reached a settlement requiring Money Mart to repay California consumers up to $7.5 million

How much is each repayment?

Repayments will range from $20 to $1,800.

Who is eligible to make a claim for repayment?

You are eligible to make a claim for repayment if:

1) you borrowed a pay day advance loan (sometimes called a “Cash ’til Payday” loan) at a Money Mart or Loan Mart store between January 2005 and July 2005, or

2) you borrowed an installment loan (sometimes called a “CustomCash” loan) at a Money Mart or Loan Mart store between July 2005 and March 2007.

To download the claim form and to learn more:

Hotline: 866-497-5497

Song Credit: Carly Rae Jepsen singing Call Me Maybe.
(C) 2011 604 Records Inc.

Jeanne Pastore

Emily Wade,Cosmo Alleycats

(In Order of Appearance)

City Attorney Dennis J. Herrera
Teresa Donnelly
Kelli Williams
Tara Collins
Mike Saperstein
Allie Fisher
Nicholas Pastore
Tracy Pastore
Phoebe Davidson
Joan Jackson
Nicole Jackson
James Girard
Frederick Harris
Nikki DeWald
Jeanne Pastore
Jack Song
Nick Colla
Jeremy Garrison
Joe Gallagher
Kevin Easton
Gina Simi
Veronica Taylor
Candy Richard
Charla Welch
Angela Bailey
Navah Bailey
Daniel James Willis
Sarah Kathleen Maginnis
Dave Burke
Gus Guibert
Jen Drake
Daniel Mullens
Michael Creedon
Bob Audet
Jane Smith
Veronica Taylor
Angelina Mason
Angela Lim
Rae Peralta


Emily Wade, Cosmo Alleycats

San Francisco Paramedic Association

Blondie’s Bar & No Grill

Joe’s Barbershop

Rae Peralta

San Francisco City Attorney’s Office Interns
Henry Callander
Katherine Heng
Emily Lau
Yasmine Mahmoud
Nooshin Moslehi
Jeanne Pastore
Varsha Ranjit
Walter Rodriquez
Raven Sisco
Kelli Williams

The preceding public service video is an internship project of Jeanne Pastore, who appreciates the voluntary participation of everyone involved. No commercial benefit has been derived by any of the participants, and no public funds were utilized in its production.

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