How Many Goddam Pit Bulls are Too Many Goddam Pit Bulls for One McDonalds? Eight on Haight

This was the scene last night at the famous Micky D’s at the end of Haight Street at Stanyan near famous Hippy Hill.

I passed by two pit-bull-looking dogs outside at the rear entrance, two pit-bull-looking dogs inside the store with owners on the way to the bathroom, two pit-bull-looking dogs with owners in line to buy food,* and two pit-bull-looking dogs as I exited out the front steps.**

Now, some of them might have been less than a year old, mere pups I suppose, and some of them might have been presa canarios or whathaveyou, but goddam, I didn’t expect to encounter eight fighting dogs*** in one minute at one McDonalds.

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I’m not particularly afraid of dogs at all and I’ve never been bitten, but that was my reaction.

And here’s an update – the Dollar Menu is still there but it’s not as prominent as before, as if they don’t want you to see it, it seems.

See you in about a year or so, Haight Street McDonalds.

*At this point, I was looking for an exit strategy, like if they all went Hera and Bane on me, I’d have hopped on one of the counters, that kind of thing. 

** Sans food. I was going to get a large order of fries and two side salads for $4-something for a special lady friend but the line was kind of long and there was some kind of kerfuffle going on so I said the Hell with this and left for the WF right across the street.

***The most I’ve seen in one place at one time.


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7 Responses to “How Many Goddam Pit Bulls are Too Many Goddam Pit Bulls for One McDonalds? Eight on Haight”

  1. Adam Lang says:

    If you’re nervous around pit bulls, you might want to consider finding another city, because in case you hadn’t noticed before this, we have rather a surplus of them. Calling them ‘fighting dogs’, though, is about as accurate as calling any given Rhodesian ridgeback a ‘lion-killing dog’.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I think I said that I’m _not_ nervous around pit bulls.

    Those dogs were breed to be fighting dogs. That’s why some people are attracted to them, so they can be a bad-ass on the streets of San Francisco.

    Maybe next time, there’ll be 8 wolves there and then we can all mopve out of town…

  3. forthechildren says:

    Wow, typical owner behavior…”If you don’t like it then just leave.” Equivalant to ,”It’s not the dog’s fault, blame the owner for their dog mauling your child/dog/cat/elderly and holding it in a death grip,” or ,”Blame the deed, not the breed.”

    I don’t care how much of a sweet “wiggle-butt” lick-you-to-death your pit bull is, these dogs were bred for over 200 years to kills bulls and other dogs. All pit bulls are descended from man-eaters or otherwise the most ferocious pits because those were the only ones to survive the ring. Of course, breeders mulitiplied them like rabbits in hopes of creating more fighters.

    These dogs were not nanny or herding dogs. These are myths. They have been genetically bred to kill and can do more damage than any dog. I have seen pit bulls snap for no apparent reason and do a lot damage.

    What pisses me off is that San Francisco is a “walking” city, meaning that it is laid out for not only cars but pedestrians. How can you feel safe walking around when people have these killer dogs everywhere? These dogs are extemely strong and could easily break out of their owners grips, climb fences and do so much damage.

    In Berkeley, you have all of these angry losers sitting on the sidewalks with their pit bulls. Those pit bulls will think that the sidewalk is their territory and reach out and attack a child or other animal. My friend was chased by one of these hippies with their pit bulls at night. These are the same kids you see at McDonalds on the Haight.

    Hey check this article out. It did not occur in the Bay Area but is indicative of the damage these dogs can do nonetheless.

    Or this attack, which happened at a PETSMART, where a pitbull killed a service dog to the BLIND!

    Or the death of pit bull ADVOCATE Darla Napora who was killed by her pit bull. She was pregant, by the way!

    It seems like everyone is getting a pit bull in the Bay Area. A lot of people choose to walk here, not a good combo! The thing is that it doesn’t matter how well socialized your pit is–a lot of them are RESCUES(not good background) and they are bred to FIGHT and KILL. So they are much mor elikely to snap!

  4. forthechildren says:

    Excuse me, this article indicates that a pit bull killed a service dog for the DEAF.

    Anyhow, I forgot to add that a six year old girl was attacked about two months ago in Albany by two pit bulls. She survived, but talk about scary, that these dogs will just climb the fences or break off the chain, get loose and attack your kids or animals.

  5. Fred Fnord says:

    Oh look, more misinformation by someone with an axe to grind. Ho hum. I’m sure you’ve read the statistics about more serious dog bites from labs than from pit bulls, but it didn’t make an impression. We all just don’t see what we don’t want to see, I guess. And I suppose there are worse things to be insanely, rabidly (oops!) obsessed over than trying to get other people’s pets killed.

    As for the original response from sfcitizen, well, yes. You say they were bred to be fighting dogs, as if I had somehow contradicted you on that. They were, although the breed in general has been softened quite a lot in the last 40 years. And Rhodesian ridgebacks, as I mentioned and which 30 seconds of google research would tell you, were bred to be lion-hunting dogs. Which makes calling a pit bull a fighting dog exactly as accurate as calling a Rhodesian ridgeback a lion-hunting dog. Were you really disputing that?

  6. sfcitizen says:

    When a lab bights you, it’s more serious? All right. And I’ll bet a great white shark bite is more serious still. All right.

    And some people have lion hunting dogs. All right.

    And yet it’s the pit bullls what are killing people and attacking police horses, right?

  7. Haight resident says:

    Regardless of the breed the real problem is these “kids” letting their dogs crap all over haight street and never cleaning it up…it’s the worst thing about living in this otherwise fantastic neighborhood

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