Recruitment Ad: SFPD Officer Starting Salary in 2012 is $88,842-$118,898 Per Year – Yowzer

Here’s your proof:

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And that’s before benefits and the double-dipping…

Is this the highest starting salary for a 21 year-old cop anywhere in the world?


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4 Responses to “Recruitment Ad: SFPD Officer Starting Salary in 2012 is $88,842-$118,898 Per Year – Yowzer”

  1. Cap. Obvious says:

    If you include the Fair Value of their retirement guaranteed benefits, the salary would be multiplied by 1.6; so a starting salary of around $140K. Not bad for someone who spends most of their time guarding politicians and showing up after the crime (and ticketing bicyclists).

  2. Fred Fnord says:

    It is a constant amazement to me that people think that paying police well is somehow offensive, and that they should absolutely not be paid enough to, you know, live comfortably in the city that they are being hired to risk their lives to protect.

    If it’s such a cushy gig, Captain, why aren’t you going for it?


  3. But they don't live here says:

    SFPD don’t live in SF. They don’t like it here and they don’t like us. The live in places like Santa Rosa and Petaluma. The shouldn’t be making that much money. In fact they shouldn’t be recruiting. We need less cops not more and we need to pay them less.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing actuallty…even the best educated grads don’t typically have such salary …and no wonder it bodes arrogance for the police dept.

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