Poor Taxi Service Forces Woman to Fashion Her Own Laminated “Taxi” Sign – Oh, and Lyft and SideCar STILL Illegal

This woman standing at a bus stop in the Financh on Market Street outbound had a few choices, I suppose.

She could have tried hailing an illegal Lyft or Side Car jitney taxi (called shiroi takushii* in Japan) but this was a busy, rainy night so that wouldn’t have worked.

And the illegal Town Car Limos, well, they would have quoted her $50 for a ten-minute ride.

And MUNI – come on MUNI would have worked, eventually, but it would have taken a long, long time.

And a bike, well that was how I did it, but, you know, it was raining ‘n stuff.

So, she she whipped out  her home-made visual aid, the poor dear.

Hey lady, look! That taxi’s “TAXI” light is on!** That means that this cab is empty** so the driver will totally pick you up** for sure!

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Did that taxi stop for her?

No not all.

But, nevertheless, carrying around a sign like this seems like a good idea. It probably gives her an edge.

Thank you, drive through.

*”White taxi.” Believe it or not, most private vehicles in Japan have white paint (it’s like 50-something percent, or maybe that percentage is a bit lower these days but anyway), so if some unlicensed dude will drive you around in his car for money, then you call his car a white taxi. You know, as opposed to a yellow taxi*** what has permits and a color scheme and a flag drop and a meter and all the other stuff that Lyft and Side Car don’t have…

**That light is meaningless in the 415. Sorry. Yes, I know, I know, where you’re from, the light means that the driver is looking for fares but that system is not in effect here.

***Which, of course, need not be yellow IRL.

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