Stick It To The Man: Unregistered Collection of Aging Mercedes Benzes Defies SFMTA DPT SFPD CHP CARB and EPA

California registration? No thanks, that’s not for me. I prefer to use license plates from the Land of Enchantment and the Empire State.

But have you seen the urban snorkel (camera left, near the windshield) on my G-Wagen?

Breaking Bad:

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Sometimes I just don’t know.

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2 Responses to “Stick It To The Man: Unregistered Collection of Aging Mercedes Benzes Defies SFMTA DPT SFPD CHP CARB and EPA”

  1. G-owner says:

    I’m sensing that you aren’t a fan of older Mercedes, or in particular, the G-class.

    First, if they’re all parked there every day because the person who owns them lives there, then you’re absolutely right: the owner should legally register them in California if they even can. But don’t diss them if you’ve never been in them before. The G’s are fantastic machines that (unfortunately) isn’t often used for their original intended purpose. That snorkel, which is a factory option, actually has a use.

    Second, I don’t see any “sticking it to the man” going on here… just someone passionate about Mercedes and maybe a buddy visiting from another state (we are a very tight-knit group). The entities one has to go through to purchase a pre-2002 G-wagen (or any other “grey market” car) is the Federal DOT, the EPA, and the California DOT. For many, Cali DOT will refer them to the ARB and the BAR for verification, and laws are in place that set the rules for what is and is not allowed to be here. There’s no “sticking it to the man”. We’re not trying to pull a fast one on the CHP, Fire Department, Metro Transit or anyone else. We are (for the most part) good people who are up for helping any and all in need (and often in extreme circumstances) and are always up for an adventure.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    IDK, I grew up in an older four-on-the-tree Mercedes, wearing shorts sweating on MB Tex. The car was very trucky, old school.

    It’s a 20 day limit in CA:

    I’ve never been inside a G.

    Getting a CA plate could just be a matter of a little time and money or it could be a royal hassle, it depends.

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