Late Night MUNI Metro Meltdown Street Party on Market

Squeeze together – more partiers are on their way:

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A: MUNI you suck.

B: Give us more money. MONEY MONEY MONEY!

A: Yeah, I don’t think so. Why don’t you do more with the money you have?

B: Ooh that sounds hard. But anyway, give us more money. MONEY MONEY MONEY!

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One Response to “Late Night MUNI Metro Meltdown Street Party on Market”

  1. TinyTim says:

    Crowded buses equals easy disease transmission. Isn’t it time for bubonic plague to make its return? We’ve got the vectors: fleas from over-population of dogs and rats from all the restaurant food (including discarded ratatouille.)
    Headline: “BLACK PLAGUE RETURNS!! MUNI shuts down to deter transmission. Single-occupancy vehicles are the only answer. Gridlock ensues. CITY at a standstill. Chaos reigns. Thousands flee (flea) to Idaho where white supremacist/survivalists laugh and teach them how to shoot. Thousands return and wildly shoot at rats, fleas, abandoned cocktail glasses and pork belly carcasses. The NRA applauds and convinces the populace to support unlimited sales of hollow-point bullets and assault rifles to wipe out the plague.

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