Gethsemane Baptist Church is Turning Into a Single Family Residence? “THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD”

This is the scene in the Western Addition at 601 Broderick and Grove, the site of Gethsemane Baptist Church

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The graffiti is new, you see it? It’s all, “THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

Let’s take a closer look:

“The proposal is to convert the existing church into a single family residence.”

Well, that’s direct, huh, right there in black and white.

[RACIAL SUBTEXT MODE = ON] Uh, so the Western Addition is losing yet another African-American church so yet another  millionaire white family can move in, except realtors* call it the North of Panhandle Area now because it doesn’t have the baggage associated with the Western A? That’s my guess, but tell if I’m way off on this one, Gentle Reader. [RACIAL SUBTEXT MODE = OFF]

Oh, architect James Hill is all over this one at his excellent-looking Talking Buildings blog.

All the deets right here.

Via “601 Broderick is a charming old church … in the heart of NOPA.  Not for the faint of heart or faithless, this property needs a revival. … make them believers. Heaven only knows what the possibilities could be!”  Receiving multiple offers on first showing, the sale closed before the For Sale sign was hammered in the ground.  Highland Ferndale Partners,  a luxury home developer purchased the church for restoration and resale.  David Papale, partner and realtor,  prefers not to disclose the sale price, but notes the price clearly at $1,401,000, 40% over asking, a sizable investment in the future of the community. One might speculate, since this is real estate, that the sale price is more than adequate to cover the losses the bank faced in foreclosure on their faulty loan, a profit unrealized by the church.   Mr. Papale claims, while the possibilities for the property include six  units, it will be restored as a single family  home and to its original Victorian appearance without “that horrible addition.”  

And there’s a little bit more here in the comments section of this Socketsite post, Control-F for 601.

So that’s the sitch and the graffiti artist is doing all s/he can to draw attention.

Mission accomplished.

On It Goes…

*Always in lower case

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7 Responses to “Gethsemane Baptist Church is Turning Into a Single Family Residence? “THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD””

  1. Einstein says:

    The tax-free church racket is the way to go! Hick’s Temple must have made a big ducat when it sold.

  2. Pete says:

    Restored single family home vs. dilapidated building? I choose the former, despite the fact that it was formerly a church. Furthermore, it was originally a home, not a church so this restoration is certainly consistent with the original intent of the building. And let’s not make everything a racial thing. This is happening because the church is out of commission, not because the congregation is primarily African American.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    I see, so the Western Addition turning into NoPA isn’t a racial thing?

  4. patrick says:

    It’s only a racial issue because you make it one. Neighborhoods change over time. Many African Americans are cashing out and moving to the burbs. How is tbat a bad thing? When people are forced to stay in a neighborhood because of their race or ethnicity it’s called ghettoization. How is that a good thing?

  5. sfcitizen says:

    The person who spray-painted the building thinks this is a racial issue, I guarantee you.

    I don’t know who exactly “cashed out” on this one, considering it was a foreclosure on a property with a lot of recent appreciation.

    I’m not forcing anybody to stay anywhere, myself, I don’t think…

  6. patrick says:

    The spray painter was probably a white liberal making a statement about class not race.

  7. sfcitizen says:

    White, probably. Male, probably. Not your typical tagger, definitely. Registered Democrat, probably. Nearby homeowner, probably.

    It’s too bad that this went to foreclosure, especially considering the appreciation in property value…

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