The MyDutchBike Store Decamps – Off to Marin County, or Someplace, or Nowhere – Expensive Bikes, Expensive Rents on Market

Say good-bye to the extremely expensive MyDutchBike sto on Market Street in the Financh. I think. I saw a sign that said that they were moving on up to Sausalito,

But the Yelpers are making it seem like the store just has weird hours, so maybe it’s not gone.


This place is crazy though, so don’t miss a chance to check it out, wherever you may find it.

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And the best part is the touchiness:

“im glad you have all the time in the world to write BULLSHIT.
you are an idiot. I have what is called real world experience,
something you know nothing of.
get a life, you are not welcome in my company.
I’m sure youve heard this before.
I know much more than you and always will
you dont know how to read
call shimano and talk to them
i know you havent
give it up
you fucking looser”

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