Let the Gouging Begin! SideCar Discount Taxi Service to Double Price$ on New Year’s Eve – Here’s Why

Uh, to make more money?

From Ellen Huet comes the news of SideCar doubling its “voluntary” fares for New Years Eve 2013.

So that means you’ll need to pay double to avoid getting blackballed by SideCar’s drivers.

Of course, if a trained and licensed San Francisco taxi driver charges you double a during busy time, that’s a misdemeanor.

But if a SideCar driver jacks up rates on NYE, that’s called bidness.

Oh well.

Hey, Gentle Reader! Why not check in on SideCar’s “amazing year,” below? You’ll be able to see if any mention is made of CPUC case #PSG-3360, you know, that whole “cease and desist” thing.

If only this woman on Market had a SideCar sign instead of a TAXI sign:

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Hello San Francisco SideCar Community!

2012 has been an amazing year:

  1. The Mayans were wrong
  2. SideCar was born
  3. You showed the world that with instant ridesharing we really can help each other get around in a way that’s more fun, efficient and safe.


To ring in 2013, plenty of drivers in our community have told us that they plan to get behind the wheel on New Year’s Eve so that you can hit the town safely without having to worry about driving.  <3  To thank them, we decided to do them a huge favor:

For New Year’s Eve only – and in The San Francisco Bay Area Only – from 5pm-5am, as a way of saying thanks to those driving on NYE, we are going to suggest double the community average donation for each ride within the app.  This means that a ride with a typical community average of $10 will say $20 on Monday night.

Here’s why we’re doing this:

  1. SideCar community drivers are not employed by SideCar or put on shifts of any kind. Going online on NYE (or any night) is completely up to them.  Extra donations will help mobilize an army of designated drivers to help you get safely where you want to go on one of the busiest nights of the year for transportation.
  2. There are plenty of things to do on NYE besides drive…  why not sweeten the pot a little for drivers to keep them stoked on getting people around.
  3. Extra donations = extra appreciation for awesome drivers lending a hand on a crazy night like NYE.

Of course, with SideCar what you donate is always up to you, and the community average is just there to help you decide.  We just feel that on a night like New Year’s a little extra for drivers wouldn’t hurt.  We hope you’ll feel the same way.”

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6 Responses to “Let the Gouging Begin! SideCar Discount Taxi Service to Double Price$ on New Year’s Eve – Here’s Why”

  1. Dean Clark says:

    This is a ridiculous article making false claims.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    dont know what ur talking aboot

    “Under the Transportation Code Section 1108(e)(1), taxi drivers shall not refuse, direct or permit the refusal of prospective passengers in any place within the City for transportation to any other place in the City, or to or from the San Francisco International Airport, or to the Oakland International Airport, or paratransit passengers within the Paratransit Program service area, at rates authorized by law, if the prospective passengers present themselves for transportation in a clean, coherent, safe and orderly manner and for a lawful purpose and the Driver has sufficient time before the end of his or her shift.

  3. Eric J. says:

    I love it when taxi’s credit card machines mysteriously don’t work. I enjoy when they ask me where I am going and decide to not take me because it is out of their way. The best part about taxi’s is calling one when you have a time crunch and they don’t even call you back to say they aren’t coming. I also like when I get in and they are so bitter to the world and don’t say a word to me.

    So…. I will gladly pay sidecar to not ever have the above experiences happen to me. The last 6 months have been a godsend. Thank you Sidecar.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Fair enough, EJ.

    I raised flags about SC’s issues earlier this year. That pissed-off some SC people. Then came the CPUC cease-and-desist order/request. Now they are dealing with it. Who knows how this will end up.

    I never said that people didn’t like using CS or that taxi service is anything close to good in the 415…

  5. Shawna says:

    In response to the transportation code quote in comment two, I can’t tell you how many times a cab driver has told me they wouldn’t take me home within city limits, generally not even unlocking the doors of the cab until we have told them our destination. Then if they do pick you up they rarely take the route requested, thus increasing the fare everytime. So even if they don’t officially increase the fare, they make sure it happens. At least you always know a sidecar is willing to take you to your destination, and you can donate what you think the ride is worth. And they can’t blackball you, generally you are rated by the driver before the donation ever even happens.

  6. sfcitizen says:

    I’ll bet if I stiffed SideCar drivers I’d get blackballed – that’s what I’d bet.

    Taxi service in SF is horrible, that’s true.

    (So is MUNI and the SFMTA.)

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