Longtime NoPA Resident Vince Opposes Removal of a Mess of Parking Spaces on Masonic Avenue – Here’s His Site

Here’s the flier what’s been popping up on car windshields lately:

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So let’s see here, is the SFMTA going to eliminate “all parking” on Masonic? No.

Was the community outreach [aka SFMTA focus group study] more than pro forma? Yes.

Did more than 50 people participate? Yes, well more.

But* anyway, here’s the protest website.

*There’s just too much spin in this flyer. If people just make stuff up, they are no better than acheerleading SFMTA Project Manager

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6 Responses to “Longtime NoPA Resident Vince Opposes Removal of a Mess of Parking Spaces on Masonic Avenue – Here’s His Site”

  1. Rob Anderson says:

    Yes, all the street parking between Fell St. and Geary Blvd. will be eliminated, a total of 167 spaces.
    See page 15 of the MTA’s design study:

  2. sfcitizen says:

    So thats not all of masonic, right

  3. Vince says:

    109 voted on the final phase of the project ,, More people have signed a petition started by the owner of the Convenience store on Fulton & Masonic voicing their opposition the bike lanes being put in at the expense of 167 parking spaces being eliminated opposing the creation of the bike lane . And yes, you will see more and more fliers in the area. The vast majority of residents who live within two blocks of Masonic Ave. did not know this was happening, so much for SFMTA’s outreach.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Well, let’s see here, Vince.

    Your fliers say that 50 people decided. But as you well know, the number of people who participated in those meetings at the uber expensive San Francisco Day School was more than 50. (The bigger point is that the SFMTA does what it wants to do and they don’t actually put projects like this up to vote.)

    That convenience store? Isn’t that the one that can no longer sell lottery tickets after that criminal investigation? Yissh.

    You have energy to spend on this, why don’t you start up a website? It would take literally two minutes to do so via a free WordPress blog. Facebook doesn’t really count.

    If you could get a meeting together with 20 people, that could attract attention from the media/blogs/MSM.

    If you like papering cars so much, do it to all the vehicles you see parked on the west side of Polk Street betwixt McAllister and Grove. If you want.

    The SFMTA exists to spend money. You won’t able to stop them from doing so in this case. The mom-type homeowner groups that initially opposed this project have been bought off with goodies so they won’t be your allies.

    If you started up something like the Masonic Corridor Neighborhood Association and made yourself President, then the SFMTA would take you more seriously.

    And you should print on both sides of your fliers – any printer can do that and that kind of thing makes people happy.

  5. Alai says:

    A number of spaces are also being added immediately adjacent to Masonic on intersecting streets– but this aspect is of course ignored in order to exaggerate the impact. It’s nice that citizens understand the principles of tabloid journalism, isn’t it?

  6. NOPALADY says:

    THIS was a “con” by some halfwit….”activist who ride bikes …now…but don’t think anything of the horrors of our future.

    The entire picture was not presented to our VERY STUPID SAN FRANCISCO PLANNING DEPARTMENT!!!!…who are too lazy to look at a REAL MAP OF SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!….THE parking in this “sleepy” area of San Francisco hs gone from/\………”OK” to terrible and that with the shopping CENTER (Originally built in the 1950’s as a SEARS ….has been CLOSED FOR OVER SIX YEARS……..so no one thinks that a TARGET which will be opening in the middle of SAN FRANCISCO……the first and only major department store in the middle of uptown San Francisco won’t have a major impact on the neighborhoods surrounding…..we all remember in the 70’s,80’s, 90”s when Christmas time hit the overflow into the neighborhoods was impactful!!!!!!…..Many many many more people use automobile(and like it or not they will-the average house is almost a million dollars-do you think these people are going to take Muni to buy blankets and pillows, gallons of milk and thirty pound bags of dog food?) The parking lot for the Sears was designed and planned and built in the 50’s when employees all worked in the city and NONE used their own vehicles…not going to happen…..the neighborhoods will be flooded with over flows..as it is USF students owns cars and park east of Masonic. SAN FRANCISCO DAY SCHOOL parents and faculty and staff 100% park on Masonic and our neighborhoods…Get ready for this they have been bribing the planning department for years$$$$$$$$$$(over the years there have been at least 100 children of family member who have worked directly for San FranciscoPlanningDepartment/BuildingDepartment/Commissions/Committees/Inspections/various SF departments not yet named (but will)) All those vehicles that sometimes were parking on Masonic will be parking in the neighborhoods)(or give us back our parking)

    Target will be open until 10pm which means that this under planned parking lot will have spill over into every nook and corner of the neighbors surrounding.

    The SWEET SAN FRANCISCO DAY SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVES have made BAD ON THEIR PROMISES NOT TO OVER FLOOD THE NEIGHBORS with parking problems. Makes the neighborhood surrounding the SAN FRANCISCO DAY SCHOOL PARKING HELL……taking Masonic parking away will make the SAN FRANCISCO DAY SCHOOL into DEVILS FIGHTING FOR OUR NEIGHBORHOOD PARKING (parents and children of $250,000 a year income families take public transportation?????????-HA HA–although we will be pulling out the recorded documents which represented this to happen from day one-1987-this should embarrass certain people now and forever. …..(or give us back our parking)

    We love bicycles in this city….Many of us having been traveling this way in San Francisco since 1970 when it was indeed a different (and more dangerous) place to ride bike……We are enthralled at the opportunities to shares our streets with transportations smaller footprint. But, BE REALISTIC. The neighborhoods VIctorian’s have little or no parking and yet vehicles have increased many fold in this area due to increased affluence (we knew that)


    THIS WILL CREATE A BOONDOGGLE bigger than any to every happen since the fifties (when the area of Masonic and Geary was redesigned to include SEARS< KAISER HOSPITAL AND THE GEARY EXPRESSWAY.(or give us back our parking)

    Target and the San Francisco Day school are very happy because when Kaiser expanded in the nineties a multistoried parking lot was mandated. Because the only proponents of the Masonic TAKE -a -WAY PARKING were some bicycle enthusiasts who don't have full time jobs (really check out "Dan" the bicyclist and "Mike" the bicyclist) THEY CAN GO TO THESE MEETINGS (no jobs see)AND REPRESENT THE MISERABLE SITUATION THAT they are producing for the neighborhoods surrounding Masonic from Fell all the way to Geary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The PLANNING DEPARTMENT IS BEING BRIBED BY TARGET AND SAN FRANCISCO DAY SCHOOL (see-no additional off street parking and no accommodation to allow for more vehicles) and peeps with no jobs representing the entire neighborhoods..(or give us back our parking)

    Never mind the corrupt Muni barn across the street where thousand of Muni drivers (drive their own vehicles and park in the neighborhoods even though they get FREE (FREE!!!!-yes) Muni transportation (free)but 90% of drivers use their own cars to park in the neighborhoods. Kaiser Hospital has a parking lot but employees and visitors load up the neighborhoods especially after the massive expansion of Kaiser in the 1990's……The Blood Bank employees ALL park on the neighborhood streets…Blood bank makes no attempt to accomodate employees. Almost 100% of employees use neighborhood street parking.

    Just finding a handy man to help repair our old house has become a major headache because our sleepy neighborhood has become a parking nightmare. Contractors won’t stay more than two hours because there are few places to park (exceptng school vacations when the San Francisco Day school has a break-plenty of parking, but there won’t be if you take away Masonic parking-who says it doesn’t make a difference when a school with 400 rich children (and blended families+grandparents+staff park on our streets-see environmental imparct report done by “grandparents of students of the “gonna-be San Francisco Day School”)(or give us back our parking)

    This letter will be going out again to all who believe that everyone in the city should be miserable!!!!!!

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