Does the SFPD Have a Policy of Taking Shopping Carts Away from Homeless People? Take a Look

Stage left:

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And stage right:

Dude was saying how it was better that he didn’t have some kind of permit, else all of his stuff would gave been taken away instead of just his cart.

That’s how it works in the SFPD’s Park Police District, San Francisco,¬†USA.

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9 Responses to “Does the SFPD Have a Policy of Taking Shopping Carts Away from Homeless People? Take a Look”

  1. bd3517 says:

    According to the 1/24 Park Station Newsletter in that week they recovered 11 shopping carts, describing it as misappropriation of property. An example entry from the report.:
    Officer Diskin recovered a misappropriated shopping cart and admonished the culprit who had misappropriated it.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I see. I’ve never seen this kind of thing before but now it makes sense.


  3. bd3517 says:

    It seems like they just started doing it last month from the weekly reports.

  4. Da foe one fighve says:

    You can’t gaffle from Target. Dey want dey shit back brah.

  5. Einstein says:

    Too for me that they’re not as on top of retrieving the stuff stolen from me last week. A stinking cart takes precedence.

  6. Einstein says:

    I’m still so angry about being burglarized, that I made a mess of my comment.

  7. Alai says:

    Well, a shopping cart is also stolen property. I doubt they’re cheap, either. That’s why they have those wheels that are supposed to lock when you leave the premises, and so forth.

  8. James Donato says:

    San Francisco has the largest number of stolen shopping carts in the country. Even though the stores do not report them stolen it is still stolen property when the person in possession of the shopping cart does not have written permission from the store manager to remove the cart from the property it was taken from. As a retired representative of the DOD allowing things to be stolen only increases the stealing of the property because the others who want to steal the property know they will not get into trouble which is why the City of San Francisco should take these matters more seriously as do all other jurisdictions in the United States.

  9. James Donato says:

    The law pertaining to this matter is called the California Shopping Cart law, which no law enforcement agency in San Francisco mandates against the thieves.

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