Open-Air Bicycle Chop Shop – In SoMA Between the Interstate and Costco – Your Stolen Bike is Fenced and Parted Out

They keep their inventory in the four giant tents you can see on this particular block of Division

And their vans, always with the vans.

In fact, these guys are just like the A-Team. You’ve got Mad Dog Murdock on the left there, building away, and there’s B. A. Baracus there on the right with his reverse Mohawk. And Hannibal and Faceman are out cruising in the van looking for more bikes:

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Anyway, your bike has been disassembled and its parts have been put on other bikes for sale on Craigslist or at Laney College in OakTown.


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7 Responses to “Open-Air Bicycle Chop Shop – In SoMA Between the Interstate and Costco – Your Stolen Bike is Fenced and Parted Out”

  1. ColorMeSkeptical says:

    That’s a lot of allegations you’re throwing around here. Any evidence to back any of this up?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I don’t know, what do you want, rap sheets and SSN’s? Why don’t you take a visit? Division betwixt 11th St and Folsom. Bicycle parts are all over the place on this block. On the sidewalks, in vans, in RV’s, in tents…

    West of Costco #144, south of StrEATeats.

  3. ColorMeSkeptical says:

    I’ve seen the area, it’s lovely. The question remains, what makes you think these are stolen bikes?

  4. ColorMeSkeptical says:

    Considering that UA story is based on your reporting, I’d say your allegations. Again, evidence? Did you talk to any of these guys? Did you try claiming that anything stolen was yours? All I see is an attack on homeless people. Why do you hate the homeless?

  5. sfcitizen says:

    Whooaah! Now hold on here. It’s not really reporting, i just took a photo (or two). The UA “story” has input from numerous commenters who confirm and go further.

    I didn’t talk with the A-Term, ergo they’ve never stolen any bikes or bike parts in their lives?

    What good would it do to claim that any of the stolen bike parts are mine? I srsly don’t think they were.

    Dude, some homeless people in SF traffic in stolen bike parts. Deal with it.

  6. Ryan says:

    I assure you it is a chopshop. And in other cities that favor bikes (i.e. Portland) the same kind of encampment pops up (try down by the Ross Island Bridge). If you watch, all day long, bikes are brought in – disassembled – parts are taken. Most times, locals bring their bikes down and have them fixed (improved), and other times some of these guys are pretty creative and will make carts.

    In talking to “them”, I got two responses… 1. We don’t know were the parts came from (wink, wink); 2. We take most bikes downtown from hipsters.

    Maybe they represent the public interest.

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