Upper Market Boomtown – This is a Fairly Large Building for the Area, Non? The Former S&C Ford Goes Condo

The view at Dolores and Market these days:

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4 Responses to “Upper Market Boomtown – This is a Fairly Large Building for the Area, Non? The Former S&C Ford Goes Condo”

  1. Einstein says:

    That’s not all folks; the plans also call for one of the lanes of Dolores to be eliminated. It’s going to create a frustrating bottleneck of traffic attempting to turn right on to Market Street headed east.
    While they’re at it, they should remove that bronze effrontery to Latin American; that stature commemorating San Francisco’s participation in the Spanish-American War.
    We can thank Scott Wiener for ramming this project past all petitions and protests.

  2. patrick says:

    According to Socketsite, it is 40 feet; the S&C Ford building was 25 feet. It’s been in the development pipeline since 2009; nice of you to notice! I don’t know why Einstein is so hostile; the city needs more housing. Guess he is one of those people who think anything older than 50 years is historical and must be preserved.

  3. Alai says:

    It’s clearly more than 40 feet. Not that that’s a bad thing…

  4. Einstein says:

    patrick: I’m not “hostile” to more housing. As a matter of fact I’m a supporter of the Vancouver model of going vertical. My “hostility” targets so-called urban planners who fail to look at the larger picture and lack pragmatism by not addressing traffic flow and increased congestion that more housing places on a neighborhood. Funneling two lanes of Dolores traffic into one lane, immediately across from two large businesses only creates problems, both for residents, first responders and the businesses too. The east sidewalk of Dolores between 14th & Clinton Park is already sufficiently wide, and eliminating the easternmost lane and increasing the width of the sidewalk isn’t going to create an urban oasis.

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