Mopar Madness: Sighting a Chrysler-Supplied Dodge Charger Police Car in SF – Hey SFPD, That Thing Got A Hemi?

Remember back five years ago, when the SFPD pined for Chrysler products?

As seen in 2008

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Well, it’s happening, man. It’s finally happening.

Sighted yesterday in Randy Shaw’s corrupt Twitterloin / corrupt Microsoft Yammerloin, here’s my white whale, a Dodge Charger in SFPD livery

Is this a one-off, merely a test? Or is it the start of a flood of SFPD radio cars what aren’t Ford Crown Victorias?

I know not.

Anyway, this is a shock after seeing decades of Crown Vics prowling the 415.

Does anybody know?

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4 Responses to “Mopar Madness: Sighting a Chrysler-Supplied Dodge Charger Police Car in SF – Hey SFPD, That Thing Got A Hemi?”

  1. bd3517 says:

    Crown Vics are no longer made, so one way or the other, we’ll be seeing different cop cars. I think the chargers look pretty bad ass.

  2. AntFreq says:

    This ( ) will be the standard for most police departments. CHP loves this vehicle and CHP pretty much sets the standard in California. Several EVOC instructors across the State love the SUV model, saying it performs VERY well – if not better than the Crown Vic.

    With technology comes the need for interior space. Sedan trunks are full of electronics leaving little space for specialized equipment. There have been HUGE issues with driver cabin space and many are pleased with the new Fords.

    The Chargers have been selected by some departments, while others are still considering their options. I have a feeling you’ll see more SUV models on the road than in the past.

    As for speed and handling, the SUV performs VERY well due to it’s performance package upgrade.

  3. J says:

    This is actually not a SFPD car. While still a black and white police car, it is owned by the University of California Police. SFPD has decided to go with the Ford Taurus interceptor and only has 1 Dodge Magnum which was a test vehicle donated by Dodge to SFPD.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Thanks. Muchas!

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