Learning From Japan, 2013: Internet Service What’s 100-1000 Times Faster But Also Cheaper Than Yours in San Francisco

Well, I don’t know if the people at Google Fiber should feel ashamed, but check it:


That’s like what, about a thousand times faster than your AT&T ADSL connection for less than what Google charges for Google Fiber?

You know why we don’t have this here? Because of politically-connected monopolies like Comcast.


Of course, the Japanese pay waaaaaay too much for rice, on account of bad policies having to do with mom and pop farmers, but they’re doing lots better than us with the internet.


And did you know that there are people living out there west of San Francisco, all the way out there in the Outer Richmond and the Outset (the Outer Sunset) who can’t get cable internet or DSL at any price? Yes, in this day and age, in 2013, there are people in this so-called World Capital of Innovation who go online with a dial up modem because they have no choice.

Poor devils.

Poor, poor West Bay devils. (At least they have Ocean Beach.)

In closing, the Comcast monopoly ought to get shut down and Sony should start selling us internet for cheap.

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One Response to “Learning From Japan, 2013: Internet Service What’s 100-1000 Times Faster But Also Cheaper Than Yours in San Francisco”

  1. cheese says:

    I don’t know why this stuff keeps being reported or talked about in the US. Japan’s speeds are marginally faster than the US, and widely available but the country is about the size of California and the population is smaller than the US by a mile.

    The rates often bandied about are rates for the internet service it’s true. HOWEVER, we must all pay for a related service from the provider. So we’re paying $10-50.00 for internet service, and another $30-60.00 for the cable, satellite, or phone service. It’s a total rip off, and since NTT has a lock on the actual fiber in the ground, you have to pay them to use it, whether they provide your service directly or not.

    I really miss the US, things here are not at all as advertised =).

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