Look at This Scene in Golden Gate Park: Coyotes and People Getting Along – Maybe Dogs and Owners are the Problem?

You know who has a lot of shots of coyotes in Golden Gate Park? Nature photographer Dina Boyer does.

Check it:

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And check out the rest of her set as well – she has a lot of great shots in there.

I’ll tell you, since the return of coyotes in numbers in GGP, there have been numerous dog incidents but no coyote incidents.

Interesting, non?

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4 Responses to “Look at This Scene in Golden Gate Park: Coyotes and People Getting Along – Maybe Dogs and Owners are the Problem?”

  1. David says:

    The fact that there has not been an incident is pure luck. There will be a negative interaction between humans with domestic dogs (or dog scent) and coyotes. It’s only a matter of time.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Well sure, but the recent incidents involve dogs and dog owners.

    Dogs are a bigger problem than coyotes in GGP, right?

    CW Nevius, for one, thinks otherwise. That’s stupid, IMO

  3. Dina Boyer says:

    Personally when I have hung out in Golden Gate Park I’ve been nipped at by pet dogs. I’ve seen unleashed pet dogs chase down birds and go after other wildlife like the squirrels and raccoons. The biggest issue with pet dogs are that owners think its okay to walk them unleashed even though that’s illegal.
    I’ve been on several occasions really close to a male and female Coyote, and felt safer even when I photographing their pups.
    I don’t think there would be any negative encounters between the Coyotes and domestic dogs if the pet dogs were leashed, and under the control of the owner. Just sayin.

  4. johnny says:

    I live close to the Golden Gate Park and use the park daily.
    Have seen and crossed paths with coyotes many times, no
    problems ever. The unleashed dog encounters are scary and
    constant with the unleashed dogs running at me, some barking.
    With the unleashed dogs and the “mountain bikers” riding
    bicycles on the foot trails (also illegal) it is hard to believe the
    there is a concern about coyotes.

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