Hey SFMTA! Why Not “Complete” Polk Street All the Way to Grove and Eliminate These Parking Spaces in Front of City Hall?

OMG, would you look at this?

I mean check out all these deadly, beastly automobiles parked on Polk, the very same street that the SFMTA is trying to “complete” don’t you know:

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I know, why don’t you take out all these spaces and replace them with a separated bike lane or something, SFMTA?

After all, Transit First, right?

Oh, what’s that? These are the spaces that the Board of Supervisors and their aides park in for free every day so that’s where you just happened to end your campaign of completion?

But don’t you care about safety, SFMTA?


“This project seeks to implement aesthetic and safety improvements for all users of Polk Street between McAllister and Union Streets. In accordance with the City’s Transit First policy, improvements will primarily be focused on people who walk, use transit and ride a bicycle along Polk Street. The project is funded by Proposition B General Obligation Bonds and is part of an overall citywide effort to curb pedestrian and bicycle collisions and to provide a safe north-south connection for people on bicycles. Pedestrian and bicyclist collision and injury data on Polk Street point to a corridor in need of safety improvements for all those who share the road. In fact, the southern portion from Sacramento to McAllister Streets is part of the 5% of San Francisco streets that have more than half of the City’s most severe pedestrian collisions.”

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3 Responses to “Hey SFMTA! Why Not “Complete” Polk Street All the Way to Grove and Eliminate These Parking Spaces in Front of City Hall?”

  1. TinyTim says:


    Have you ever observed how many streets parking spaces along Polk and Van Ness are filled with employees/owners of nearby businesses (who don’t live in SF) who simply feed the meters all day? Could this be the reason that there’s resistance to removing spaces for street improvements?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Could be. I mean, the DPT SFMTA will get you eventually if you make a habit of this (unless they think you’re a fellow SFGov employee in certain areas like the cable car bar, hall of justice, city hall, etc).

    Some store owners, dry cleaners and hardware stores ‘n stuff, would prefer a lot more ten minute zones I’m sure.

    I always put “improvements” in quote marks because many of the things the SFMTA don’t actually turn out to be any kind of improvement…

  3. Rob Anderson says:

    The Polk Street project is based on the “safety” lie, just like the Panhandle bike lane project and the Masonic Ave. bike lane project. I’m beginning to think that progressives lie just as much as right-wingers. And haven’t city progs been kind of quiet about jihad lately? Gee, I wonder why?

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