Look Out USF Students! The Incompetent SFMTA is Coming for Your Parking Spaces

Get all the deets from Vicente Patino here.

“If the tentative hearing indeed takes place on May 17, a follow-up SFMTA board meeting would likely be scheduled for Tuesday, June 18. According to Paul Rose, press officer for the city agency that oversees parking, traffic, and transportation planning in San Francisco, these new measures may be passed. The board’s approval in June could mean that all-day parking would be gone by the end of summer 2013.”

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3 Responses to “Look Out USF Students! The Incompetent SFMTA is Coming for Your Parking Spaces”

  1. Alai says:

    So what’s your solution?

    Do you just not think there’s a problem?

    Do you think having all the parking used by the people who arrive earliest, and leaving everyone else SOL, is a good result?

    Do you think the university should be required to build a bunch of new parking structures, which all the students will end up paying for, even if they never drive to campus– but hey, anything to avoid the indignity of feeding a meter, right?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Solution to what?

    The SFMTA wants to grow and “manage” everything it can.

    WHy doesn’t it manage MUNI? Isn’t that the SFMTA’s primary job?

    What I’m saying is that the SFMTA is incompetent. What I’m saying is that if the people of USF do nothing, then this is what’s going to happen.

    Nearby Fell and Oak are that way as well. As are most of the streets in the Sunset and the Richmond. Do you have a solution for that. Meters everywhere? A household tax that goes straight to the SFMTA?That’s the next step…

  3. sebra leaves says:

    Ed just stated at the May 2 hearing that there are no other plans to install more meters in the neighborhoods. Now is the time to insist that the Muni service must be the priority for the SFMTA. Transit First means FIX THE MUNI FIRST, not coerce drivers onto a system that doesn’t exist. Supervisor Mar is going to call for a hearing on Sunday meters this month. Stay tuned for that one.

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