3 Responses to “The SFMTA Spits Hatred on the SFUSD: “Single Mom” Issues Parking Tickets to “Send My Child to Private School?””

  1. sebra leaves says:

    This sounds like it came from the mind of the same SFMTA spokesperson who always has an answer for anything that anyone at the SFMTA or their contractors do. Here is the latest:


    “…The ticket had been issued at noon. Though the citation said Chen had been at the spot since 9:36am, Chen’s receipts say otherwise.
    SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose has a theory to this madness. He thinks Chen’s car may have picked up marking chalk meant for another vehicle that was parked there previously…”
    He should stick with the old standby, “The matter is under investigaiton.” or better still, the truth, “I don’t know.”

  2. sebra leaves says:

    One other thing. The meter maids are not employees of SFMTA. They are hired and “we assumed” trained by Serco, who manages the parking for the SFMTA, or, I mean us. The also suck the cash out of the machines, and each time you make an electronic payment, you pay a transaction fee to Serco and another one to your bank. And for all we know anther one to someone else to watch the three of them. There is supposed to be some money left for Muni.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    I was thinking the same thing – it’s like hes the lawyer for the PCO union…

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