How I Go Up Masonic, How I Come Down Masonic

This shot shows the real steep block of northbound Masonic, just above Fulton.

Dude here uses the bizarrely-wide sidewalk, the way I and most other people do. Good times: 

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And you should too, that’s what I’m saying.

Now, going south on Masonic is different. You should stay on the street ’til the cross-street Turk (which has a higher speed limit than Masonic, go figure). Then you go onto the sidewalk for one block (taking care to avoid the illegally parked cars put there by area homeowners who actually own garages, go figure). Then at Golden Gate, you cross and wait for the light to turn red.

Then you have two whole blocks all to yourself, if only for a few moments


That’s How I Go Up Masonic, How I Come Down Masonic.

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6 Responses to “How I Go Up Masonic, How I Come Down Masonic”

  1. Ryan says:

    Isn’t it illegal to bike on a sidewalk?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Yes, on this street.

    But there are other sidewalks in town where it’s OK. CA lets SF decide what’s legal.

    IMO it should be legal on the blocks i showed…

  3. Einstein says:

    What are the other sidewalks where it’s OK?

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Herb Caen Way, Golden Gate Bridge…

    Generally the rule is no bikes on sidewalks…

    Article 5: Section 96
    This is a personal response to the bicyclist who literally hit me on my walk to work today, as well as his friend. It is illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk in San Francisco. You asked me to show you the law, here it is:


    It shall be unlawful to ride a bicycle upon any sidewalk area, except at a permanent or temporary driveway or on bikeways heretofore or hereafter established by resolution of the board of Supervisors; provided, however, that juveniles under the age of 13 and riding a sidewalk bicycle, exercising due care and giving the pedestrian the rightof-way, may ride and operate their sidewalk bicycles upon the sidewalk, except such sidewalks as are in front of schools, stores, or buildings used for business purposes.

    (Amended by Ord. 394-78, App. 8/29/78)

  5. Alai says:

    Other places you may not know it’s legal to ride: the paths on either side of JFK in GGP.

    The biggest danger here, I’d imagine, is people making a rapid left turn off of Masonic and running over the person in the crosswalk.

  6. sfcitizen says:

    Yeah, I mean I’m willing to wait 30 seconds for the downhill traffic to stop at GG, so I’m not in to much of a hurry. I’ll stop if i think you’ll be able to get me…

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