Attention SFMTA: The Big Beneficiaries of Charging for Parking on Sundays are Placard Holders and Rich People

Well, here you go, the first four vehicles I saw on this block of Clement in the Inner Richmond District on a recent Sunday had handicapped placards and the fifth one was a new Jaguar.


Is this what you want, SFMTA? Placard fraud ripping you off and richers paying you a few shekels per hour?

Oh, it is?

Well then, keep up the good work.

‘Cause I’ll tell you, all these drivers appreciated the easier parking opportunities I’m sure.

Oh, and your goal of 15% of the parking spaces on Clement being open and availableĀ at any given time will never ever come True.

Just saying.

On It Goes…

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5 Responses to “Attention SFMTA: The Big Beneficiaries of Charging for Parking on Sundays are Placard Holders and Rich People”

  1. Alai says:

    You’ll be happy to know then that there seems to be a long-overdue push to remove the free parking benefit from placard holders, bringing SF in line with other US cities.

    As for rich people, well, the problem with maintaining free parking for all is that the costs are pushed onto other uses– like housing.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Thx Alai. I dug your comment out of all the spam. Sorry.

    Yes, I’m aware of the latest push. But it’s going to be a tough row for the SFMTA to hoe. Also, it has a policy of not questioning any doctors note kind of form ever.

    Speaking of which, has any physician ever been disciplined for signing DMV permission slips too freely? No. You ask your personal doc to sign and s/he will be too afraid to offend you and the secretary has him/her sign it and you’ve got a fraudulent placard.

    I don’t particularly care about this issue. The SFMTA will make a small bit of money off of the program, which should included SUnday morning as well, IMO.

    But what SFMTA PR has said doesn’t match reality…

  3. Cap. Obvious says:

    If they’re able to operate a 3-ton vehicle safely on a road, they’re well enough to feed a frigging meter.

    The reason there won’t be any real placard abuse reform (despite the recent noise) is that the biggest abusers are those who dwell in City Hall (or are connected to it).

  4. RMS says:

    It’s such a shame. Recently I talked to one elderly man with a walker at the bus stop and he was telling me that he wish he could just drive his car as taking the bus is hard and tires him out but he can’t find parking. Then one day, I was on my lunch rushing through Grant street between Bush and California and I saw many cars (all in a row) that had them. I even happen to see some young dude, throw his placard on and run across the street and I said “Wow…seriously?!” So I stood there and one other guy saw him and yells to me, “Take a picture of his license plate!” and the so-called “handicap” guy actually ran back to his car, took it off and drove off–I’m sure he returned but it’s BS.

  5. Cap. Obvious says:

    Here’s an idea: if the DMV can’t police these placards, at least offer a bounty: anyone who provides evidence of misuse that results in a fine gets 30% of the cut. Since a fine is typically $1000, it’d be a cool $300. Problem solved.

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