San Francisco’s SFMTA is a Jobs Program, Not a Transit Agency


If the SFMTA really wanted to fight fare fraud, it could take the money it spends this bizarre fare inspection regime and put it into a program that watches cable car workers. Get together a few GoPro cameras plus a few marked $5 bills and just one “inspector” could have prosecutable proof of “fare fraud” being committed by numerous, numerous SFMTA employees.  Tie the evidence up in a bow and send it over to the DA’s office, right? Oh what’s that, SFMTA? Fighting your own corruption is hard but handing out money to new fare inspectors is easy? OK fine.

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Since Time Began:

INTERLOCUTOR: Hey SFMTA, what about [_______?]

SFMTA: If we only had more money! Give us more money.

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2 Responses to “San Francisco’s SFMTA is a Jobs Program, Not a Transit Agency”

  1. Rob Anderson says:

    I’ve always wondered what those 5000+ employees of the MTA do all day.

  2. sebra leaves says:

    How many MTA parking spots are there and how many employees get to use their free parking passes all week? I photographed blocks of cars parked down around Jackson Square with those permits parked in the white MTA zones. More MTA permits than disabled. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!

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