Seventh Street Update: Donut, Donut, COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR, Donut, Donut, COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR, Donut, Donut, Donut


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One time I was almost a COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR. Well actually, I was a COMMUNITY ASSISTANT CONSUL GENERAL, you know, making moves, on my way up. But then at the ANNUAL COMMUNITY GALA I upchucked on the silk dress of the COMMUNITY SECRETARY GENERAL. Later on my CCG said, due to that “unfortunate incident,” I would never ever become a COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR no  matter what.

So  I said  screw it, street diplomacy just isn’t the life for me.


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3 Responses to “Seventh Street Update: Donut, Donut, COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR, Donut, Donut, COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR, Donut, Donut, Donut”

  1. TinyTim says:

    So who are these “Communicty Ambassadors?” I see different uniforms along Mkt. St. from what you have pictured? I’ve never seen any articles about them. Kinda thought it could be an impersonation thing, leading tourists astray to a nefarious end. Who oversees them and what are their duties? Better that they alert police when there are drunks, crazy people harassing others, sewer and water sidewalks plates missing (walking hazards) and other issues along Market–from 5th St. to Octavia Blvd.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I think for the T-Third line down south-east, they were supposed to protect frail Asian Americans from teen bullies

  3. AnonUser says:

    These clowns should have been called “Community Embarassers”. Seriously, I’ve been living in San Francisco for 20 years. I’ve been watching these clowns walk around market street. They’re supposedly supposed to act as “escorts” to protect SF residents who feel unsafe walking around by themselves. LMAO, some of these community embarassers look like criminals. Most of them look extremely unsavory. A lot of them look like they were pulled straight from the ghetto. They walk around smoking cigarettes and weed, and I have NEVER, repeat NEVER seen them doing anything productive WHATSOEVER! I have, however, seen the violate the city ordinance that prohibits smoking within 20 feet of a transit stop or food establishment on numerous occasions. I’ve also watched them walk down the street while talking on their cell phone to their ghetto friends about “That n**a baby mama trippin blud!” Yeah. Community Embarassers. That’s what they ought to be called. I want to find out where their headquarters is so I can go over there and do some serious verbal ass kicking. I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I’ve had enough of these clowns. We don’t need them around. If the liberals didn’t do everything in their power to trample all over San Francisco resident’s 2nd amendment rights, we wouldn’t even need an organization of “ambassadors” to escort people around to begin with! Liberalism at it’s finest folks. Get these social reject affirmative action hired losers out of my town!

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