Julian Guthrie, the Oracle for Oracle’s Larry Ellison, Thinks That Larry is “Funding” the America’s Cup – WTF?

Oh poor Larry Ellison!

Apparently, having the taxpayers of San Francisco fund his boat race debacle is taxing his nerves.

Per sycophantic Julian Guthrie:

Larry talked to me candidly about the challenge of working with the city. So if he wins again, I would guess that unless the city comes up with a lot of money to keep the cup here, it’s going elsewhere. Larry’s not going to keep funding it himself. Personally, I can’t imagine that there would be an America’s Cup in San Francisco again.”

Now, does Larry have an official spokesmodel? (I don’t think so. Else Larry might have issued a statement after the death of Andrew Simpson.) So I guess Julian Guthrie is serving in this capacity? OK fine.

Uh, Larry Ellison/Julian Guthrie, don’t you realize that the City of San Francisco is funding the 2013 America’s Cup? 

So, Larry Ellison, it’s you who owes us money, not the other way ’round.

That’s Issue One.

Issue Two is this: Julian Guthrie, you’ve ridden this douche canoe so far upriver that you’ve lost touch with reality. You have access, but what have you done with it?

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2 Responses to “Julian Guthrie, the Oracle for Oracle’s Larry Ellison, Thinks That Larry is “Funding” the America’s Cup – WTF?”

  1. sfmike says:

    Julian Guthrie is almost as revolting as Randy Shaw and his Tenderloin Pimpmobile. How do these people get empowered in the first place?

  2. Gerry McNerney says:

    Very funny dude. This is Guthrie’s baby daddy. Finally someone else said it. Wanna be our shrink. Could start a blog. I have more dirt than Mars.
    I had to hear about Dbag’s japanese sword from my son coming back from the movies. I told him Ellison had a xxx xxxx xxxx [CENSORED, SORRY]. Then i texted his mother and told her to write a real book for the billionth time. But the church book was a let down and she had to go back to her gold digging roots.

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