Groove on Trippy Presidio Terrace, As Seen by Google Maps

Google is now careful about revealing too much about tony Presidio Terrace, as it’s a private street.

Google didn’t know that back in 2007.

Check here and here.

Good times:

It might look like a public street but it’s not, so the people that live on this small loop just north of Clement are free to hire a guard to keep out whomever they want. And not too long ago, the houses here all had restrictive covenants that prevented people of the “non Caucasian race” from buying or leasing on this street. An ad from the latter part of 1906:There is only one spot in San Francisco where only Caucasians are permitted to buy or lease real estate or where they may reside. That place is Presidio Terrace.”

But now Google does know, so no Street Maps for you – it’s terra incogniter. See?

It looks like Instagram or something.

Anyway, the data from the Google Maps Car visit of 2006 is gone.

Long gone.

And the residents like things that way, I suppose.

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4 Responses to “Groove on Trippy Presidio Terrace, As Seen by Google Maps”

  1. Einstein says:

    So, is it still San Francisco’s own little Levittown enclave?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Well, it’s pretty upscale. DiFi used to live there n stuff

  3. Einstein says:

    I know that San Francisco’s best republican used to live there. My comment cites the fact the one of Levittown’s covenants was that only whites could live in their suburban developments, such as the ones they built in Nassau County, Long Island.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Oh, I see! DNKT.

    Muchas, Einstein!

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