Sneaking Into Outside Lands Used To Be Easy, But This Year It’ll Be Hard – Photos and Video of How People Have Snuck In

Back in the day, back in the aughts, all you had to do to get into Outside Lands was deal with just one eight-foot cyclone fence.

You had the option of going under or over the wire.

Here’s UNDER. See how that works? Easy peasy.

Click to expand – well there’s the problem: No bottom tension wire on the chain link fence plus the line posts were placed too far apart.

And here’s OVER. This here is called the bum rush:

You could get away with this kind of thing a couple years ago.

Now. things have changed – you won’t be able find these weaknesses in 2013.

Oh, your friend Badger’s working on the inside this year and he’s going to let you and your buds in? Well, that might work.

But the days of a single chain link fence between you and your tunes are over at the Outside Lands

Just saying.

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2 Responses to “Sneaking Into Outside Lands Used To Be Easy, But This Year It’ll Be Hard – Photos and Video of How People Have Snuck In”

  1. sneaker says:

    We did it.

    Roamed the entire grounds; we found the most secluded spot (still there was a few security). One by one we grouped up with random folks until we hit around 30 people. First attempt: FAIL. We didn’t even touch the outer fence.

    Then I spot 3 guys right at the first fence. He waves at us, and I start to run. Down goes first fence—then we hit a 15′ tall fence that 7 of us climbs up–we pull that shit DOWN–2 horse guards galloping to us from the left, a group of security from the right—we literally tumbled down the hill through tree limbs, I look around and see all them guards LITERALLY STUCK IN THE TREES.

    We hit the THIRD fence–now there’s way too many security so I shout “THEY’RE RIGHT BEHIND US JUST MOVE” one guy falls over the 3rd fence–across a narrow paved road we come to the FOURTH FENCE–some dude to my left slips in through a 12 inch opening between two fences, I slip in, my buddy slips, whoever the HELL slips—we made it IN, we all disperse—and bittersweet: I didn’t see any of the original 30 people again.

    An hour later, Red Hot CHili Peppers performs in the fog.


    (twas epic, I just HAD to share)

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Oh my!

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