“MUNI: REBUILT TO SERVE YOU” – What Does This Bus Sticker Mean? – Did Coach #8158 Catch on Fire and Get Rebuilt?

‘Cause that’s all I can think of.

I mean, in no way shape or form has our mediocre SFMTA “rebuilt” MUNI, right?

I mean, how much would that have cost? Like more than the wasteful Central Subway project, right?

OTOH, this newish bus might have already caught on fire and have been rebuilt, that could have easily escaped my notice: 

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You know, the Soviet Union never really ended, it just came to the 415.

So if there’s a firefighter with a helmet cam that shows acts of gross incompetence by the SFFD, simply ban helmet cams* and investigate the firefighter for improper behavior, that’s the ticket.

And if you want credit for rebuilding the slowest big city transit system in America, but you don’t actually want to do it, simply have some cheesy red sticker produced.


*At “SFFD facilities,”  you know like fucking Runway 28L at SFO, that SFFD facility. Oh our policy wasn’t clear? All right, let me “clarify” that for you.

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