Assignment Desk for Monday Morning, September 30th, 2013 – Pine and Gough, America’s Cup

1. The recent collision at Pine and Gough – you all don’t know the name of the driver or you all are just simply sitting on it? The SFPD won’t tell you? You can’t figure things out from the license plate and the VIN? If my Hyundai-driving grandmother killed somebody going “80” in a 25 or 30 zone, I wouldn’t mind if you published her name, srsly. So what’s the standard on releasing names? That’s a story in itself. And what’s the standard for witness reports of 80 MPH? Isn’t that an absurdly high number? Yes it is How fast was that 2nd-gen Mercedes M Class going? How fast could it have been going? And how many 58-year old ladies are driving around in V8 SUV’s with enough juice to keep their names out of the paper, if only temporarily? Just asking. (cf. the older lady at Washington and Gough who failed to yield at a stop and killed a ped on the day the driver was at the DMV trying to keep her license.) Oh yeah, some Mercedes Banzes have a brake assist function, specifically designed for “timid women” (I’m srsly) that detects a sudden braking action and then pushes the brake pedal to the floor automatically. I guess that system doesn’t work if you don’t have your foot on the brakes…

2. [UPDATE: Oh, its Jennie Zhu, per Sal Castaneda – never mind, I guess.] Wrongful death lawsuit /settlement for the family of Andrew “Bart” Simpson while training for the America’s Cup earlier this year – the first offer was $5,000,000, I’ve heard. Is this over? Has anybody anywhere posted the video? Apparently, somebody posted still images of the crash and aftermath but these images were pooh-poohed by the Larry Ellison people as being misleading, somehow. But srsly, no video? Can’t you get it from the SFPD? Mmmm. If this case had occurred in Italy, there’d be a noisy manslaughter investigation. Why not here? cf. Formula One race driver Aryton Senna back in the 1990’s. If the AC people like to compare their “sport” with F1 racing, what about that? Senna’s case was ruled to be manslaughter. Guess who was held liable – the higher-ups.

3. So we keep hearing about the benefits of the America’s Cup, but what of the other side of the ledger? By the standards of the Larry Ellison people, we lost 1000 “jobs” (actually, those job figures are job-years, but anyway) when Teatro Zinzanni blew town. Didn’t Mayor Willie Brown recruit this show to town? Yes. Now sure, they might have had to move anyway, but the AC was what kicked them out. There was some big news conference at Broadway and Embarcadero that the current appointed Mayor showed up to (after his staff paid a homeless person $100(?) for bus parking – they work for SFGov but they didn’t know about this scam?), but that was it. That’s just one biz of 80. So that’s it, bye bye TZ, which was a pretty good show, IMO. [I attended once, comped, FYI. Free “gourmet” (made offsite) dinner included, FYI. The show part of dinner and a show was excellent.]

4. So that Kyri McClellan(sp) MILF -ish Marinite (from a bit south of San Rafael?) woman somehow managed to work both sides of the America’s Cup deal, first for SFGov and then for the Larry Ellison people. And Ethics is cool with this because it got approved by some Supes? How does somebody without a college degree(?) (last known diploma = Davis High School per LinkedIn) get to do this? Because working for Larry Ellison in this capacity was her “dream job?” Srsly? Mmmmmm. She said her job was to raise, and I quote, “$40 million. Did she? Why not? The economy? Isn’t the economy doing sooooo much better now than before? So what the Hell?

5. The initial “expectations” for AC34 was a million people per day, per SPUR, and $9.9 billion, per that Bay Area Economic yada yada study. What did the numbers turn out to be? Other entities made deals with the Larry Ellison people what had escalator clauses and whatnot? Why didn’t we do that? Can we bring that up next time? Can Larry Ellison just pay an event fee after the fact?

6. New rules for to to bags for SF restaurants start tomorrow, October 1, 2013. What do they mean IRL?


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  1. Mark says:

    It seems well possible that this woman is not the same as the one who caused the accident. She may be standing in for the real culprit and has agreed to do this for money, much as the mafia used to do. Did you ever see the comedy Small Change?

    This woman looks older than the stated age and looks too peasant ish to be driving that type of vehicle.

    Possibly it is a connection to Ed lee or his brother Ugh.

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