Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover – Three Bad Drivers in the News – Local, Regional, National

1. Jennie Zhu, Pine and Gough. Here’s the update on this one. Her lawyer says that his client isn’t talking, even to him. Compare this gambit with how he handled a recent first-degree murder case in town a couple years ago – the lawyer simply didn’t give an opening statement. You know what that means? It means that it’s up to the District Attorney to prove what happened with the evidence that his office has.

Is the best defense no defense? Maybe. IDK.

2. Meghan Anee Zato, Oakland. Oh Lord: “Police said she made a U-turn on 14th Street before driving down the wrong side of the street at the group.” Now there’s your problem right there. It doesn’t really matter who was part of which group.

Is the best defense this?

“What do we do in Oakland? Do we keep our mouth shut and allow this to go on?” he asked. “I guess we just keep our mouth shut and give Oakland over to graffiti vandals.”

No it is not. Decidedly.

3. Alexian Xian, NYC. So, yes, that guy on the motorcycle was being an asshole when he braked right in front of Alexian, but once you’re stopped, you gotta stay stopped or go backwards. You don’t go forward and paralyze somebody. Yes, even if Motorcycle Critical Mass is going on all around you.

Now, if Alexian had driven over people near the end of this incident instead of the beginning, then things might be different, he might have a defense.

So, is the best defense saying that Alexian “could not have done anything differently?” Well, if there was a chance of that being true, then maybe. But IRL, the answer is no.

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2 Responses to “Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover – Three Bad Drivers in the News – Local, Regional, National”

  1. Liz says:

    If you’re going to comment on current events, it would help to obtain the whole story first before making a judgement. I am betting you have never been in this type of situation, nor do you know any bikers or have ridden in a “pack”. Well I have experience with all of the above. With a baby in the car what would you do? You and I would likely NEVER pull anyone out of a car and beat them in the street no matter what the situation.. But it’s obvious what kind of people we’re dealing with here. You and I would likely never chase anyone down and rather just call police with the license number…but they didn’t. Remember they have all this on video so it was COMPLETELY unnecessary to chase this guy to begin with. As a biker myself who has ridden with motorcycle “clubs” the driver was probably correct in assuming that his family was in danger. If you don’t know what mob mentality is I’ll gladly show you examples of it. There are plenty of us bikers that are tired of hooligans making the rest of us look bad.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Stay in the same place on the freeway or back up – those were the two two choices not opted for…

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