The Face of Bicycle Theft in Civic Center – What Happens When You Show the SFPD an Open-Air Chop Shop

[UPDATE: SFPD Anti Bike Theft @SFPDBikeTheft reminds us all that a Tweet in their direction can be helpful when you see scenes such as this.

“Crimes In Progress Call 911. Report a Chop Shop call (415) 553-0123. Anti Bike Theft Information From the SFPD”]

Here it is, from Bob Bobster:

“I spotted this charming couple at work across the street from the Civic Auditorium today at about 4:30pm. at the corner of Hayes and Larkin. They had quite an assortment of tires, bike frames, and parts on display. A woman who works nearby came out of the building, and when she saw me watching told me she had already called the cops. What was their response, I asked? Well, the cops said they’d send somebody over, but unless you can prove the stuff is stolen it’s hard to do much. I went to the library and came out 10 minutes later – nothing had changed. No cops in sight. I walked around the corner to Market and saw three motorcycle cops ticketing drivers. I told one of the cops about this and he said he would call it in to the homeless squad (I’m paraphrasing here).”


Thx for the report, Bobster!

On It Goes…

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3 Responses to “The Face of Bicycle Theft in Civic Center – What Happens When You Show the SFPD an Open-Air Chop Shop”

  1. Larry-bob says:

    Send your tweet to @SFPDBikeTheft

  2. sfmike says:

    The laziest, most incompetent police force imaginable.

  3. AnonInSF says:

    @sfmike: We can’t have the police violating the bike thieves civil rights. Oh no! The Public Defenders Office, John Burris, Jeff Adachi, and the Office of Citizen Complaints (OCC), ACORN, ANSWER, and every other criminal-loving group in SF would DEFINITELY have something to say about that. We all know that ANY police investigation or arrest is AUTOMATICALLY a violation of someone’s civil rights/racist/sexist/genderist/homophobic/brutal.

    Maybe the cops are lazy because they have no support from the DA’s Office, no support from the citizens (ever look at the rate of acquittals in jury trials in SF Superior Court? ), and they’re getting pounded constantly from all sides – OCC, the Chronicle, the Examiner?

    When will SF tell criminals and their supporters that they’ve cried “wolf!” enough, no one cares (because they’re tired of having their cars broken in to and their bikes stolen and their iPhones robbed out of their hands, and actually support SFPD in doing their job?

    Probably never. Which is why SF will remain the cesspool of crime that it is.

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