Marketing a Mid-Market Apartment Building with the Slogan “AMENITIES, NOT ENEMIES?” – NEMA, WTF Do You Mean?

Now I’ll tell you, I have no idea as to why a building literally made in San Francisco would market itself as being “MADE IN SAN FRANCISCO.”

And yet, that’s what we have now with NeMa, the “New Market” building.

Can somebody explain what AMENITIES, NOT ENEMIES means? What’s the relationship between these two things? Do they somehow comprise, you know, a dramaturgical dyad and I just don’t get it?

To wit:

Now, let’s hear how real San Franciscans are reacting to slogans such as “TECH SAVVY, NOT SHABBY”

The slogans on the new apartment megaplex at 10th/Market make me wanna hurt something.”

That wasn’t even the worst one! That honor goes to “Amenities, not enemies”

I’ve got your amenities right here pal!

On It Goes…

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4 Responses to “Marketing a Mid-Market Apartment Building with the Slogan “AMENITIES, NOT ENEMIES?” – NEMA, WTF Do You Mean?”

  1. Riley says:

    Behold the triumph of the Banality of Affluence.

    San Francisco was once a city characterized by a certain cool aloofness to money: Financial wealth was an adjunct to an interesting life, not the centerpiece of it.

    Now The City is overrun with the very same sorts of More Money Than Brains people I moved here to get away from…

  2. Einstein says:

    I think that somebody not familiar with the English language may have meant: “Amity not Enemies”.
    It certainly couldn’t be “Amenities Not Enemas” After all, what’s the opposition to enemas?

  3. sfcitizen says:

    Amity, not enemies makes a whole lot more sense, that’s for sure

  4. BUK says:

    I think E-nema is the name of the building newsletter. So the ‘not enemas’ doesn’t work either…

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