Here’s the “Solution” for the Deadly Pedestrian Problem at Trader Joe’s #100 on Masonic – Is It Enough? Maybe

You see this sign? It’s the one you see as you exit TJ’s #100 on Masonic near Geary, assuming you’re not driving or riding.

It was put in as a response to all those shoppers who jaywalk to their cars on the other side of Masonic.

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People still jaywalk of course, owing to the ease of parking on the northbound side of Masonic and the difficulty encountered trying to park in the TJ’s lot.  (There’s a lot of history here on this example of bad planning.)

Did I call for this sign? Yes I did. So it’s good that it’s there now. It wasn’t there a couple of years ago, so good on you, SFGov.

But can SFGov and TJ’s do more? Sure. Hey, why don’t the Powers That Be take the opportunity revisit this whole situation before others kill themselves?

Right? I mean I’m not talking politically, ’cause the politics part of getting a new gro sto here is already done. But, you know, morally.

Just asking.

Moving on…

Now here’s an example of people actually taking the several minutes required to get back to their cars by walking down to Geary and waiting for the four-way signal.

This gal here broke from her shopping group to jaywalk while her friends did things the legal way.

(Until this, I’ve never noticed a person not  jaywalking,)

So here she is, sitting pretty whilst waiting for her friends, exulting in her ability to not get hit by a car on this occasion:

I don’t notice this kind of scene as much these days so that’s good.

That’s the update.

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4 Responses to “Here’s the “Solution” for the Deadly Pedestrian Problem at Trader Joe’s #100 on Masonic – Is It Enough? Maybe”

  1. Rob Anderson says:

    What more can the city do, “morally” or otherwise?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    IDK, take out parking on the other side of the street on Masonic, open up parking via Emerson, put in a traffic light etc…

  3. Rose M says:

    The “other” huge problem are the idiots that are headed towards Bush from Masonic and still insist on crossing the double line to get into the TJ’s parking lot! It happens all the time–even when they had the pylons on top of the double line. I can’t count how many times I had to honk my horn–and I still get the evil eye.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    I’ve seen this attempted but never completed. I imagine there’d be a lot of honking from the drivers queued up during busy times.

    Wow, that’s a brave move…

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