SFPD “Sting Operation” Targets Drivers on Masonic

Apparently, a “sting operation” is when the fuzz hangs out in one area and then hands out tickets and warnings to those who violate the California Vehicle Code.

Thusly, at McAllister and Masonic:

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Of course, the real definition of a sting is somewhat different, you know, there’s a requirement of subterfuge or, you know, a trick. But I’m going with the flow here and labeling an enforcement action a sting.

Anyway, this was in the past week on the Masonic Corridor, aka the MasCo, just south of the new CityTarget West up on Geary.

Most cars are “speeding” along this stretch since the limit was recently reduced to 25 MPH, but the cops generally wait for the fastest driver out of the last 20, that kind of thing.

That’s the update.

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2 Responses to “SFPD “Sting Operation” Targets Drivers on Masonic”

  1. Rkeezy says:

    Why was it reduced to 25? That’s pretty slow for a major thoroughfare.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Well, they wanted to reduce the speed limit and going below 25 MPH involves a lot of work. I don’t know who “they” is, I guess the SFMTA pushed for it. There were two DUI driver-caused deaths near the Turk / GG hill. The SFMTA can’t really do anything about drunk drivers per se, but this was their fix.

    Golden Gate Ave intersects – 30 MPH. Fulton as well – 35 MPH for the bulk of it to the west.

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